The 6 Best Cakes to Order on your First Marriage Anniversary

Remember that time which the two of you spent together in each others company, embracing each other without any care in the world?!  Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could relive that moment time and time again?  Unfortunately, though, the sands of time never stop for anyone or anything. But, what you can do is cherish that memory by holding an anniversary celebration in dedication to that moment.

Anniversary Celebration and Cakes

Cakes are rightfully considered to be one of the most special and toothsome desserts. Available in flavors such as chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch, etc. they are guaranteed to delight all who gorge upon it. So, why not celebrate your first wedding anniversary with a cake? Here is a look at 7 of the best cakes to celebrate your first anniversary with: -

1. Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet cake Red resonates passion and desire. Show your spouse that the ever burning flames of love and romance still burns brightly within you, with this delectable cake.

2. Oreo Crunch Cake

Oreo Crunch Cake Sandwiched between two crunchy chocolate crusts, an Oreo cookie is always delicious. Encrusted with a layer of chocolate, this cake is always scrumptious, a perfect font of love and deliciousness to celebrate your first anniversary.

3. Coffee Cake

Coffee Cake Filled with delicious coffee essence, this cake is an amalgamation of cream and coffee extract, and an allusion to that sweet bond of romance and passion that you both share.

4. Pineapple Cheesecake

Pineapple Cheesecake The cheesy richness of a cheesecake complements perfectly with the relishing taste of an all-natural fresh pineapple; kind of like how you and your spouse complement each other so perfectly. So, celebrate the delight of your anniversary with this cake – trust us, it makes for a delicious mouthful!

5. Sweetheart Cake

Sweetheart Cake The Chocolaty heart-shaped strawberry impression in a cake? Aren’t you already picturing that resounding “yes please”!Get ready to be enamored by that heart-shaped pinkish strawberry flavored hue in the rich brown chocolaty cake exterior. Not to mention the creamy exterior and the strawberry topping. Yes, eating this cake with your spouse on the eve of your anniversary is symbolic and romantic in equal measure.

6. Crunchy Butterscotch Cake

Crunchy butterscotch cake Coated with crunchy butterscotch essence, and iced with a photo of you and your beloved in a heart-shaped photo frame with strawberry syrup, this cake is something to cherish, especially when it comes to first anniversary celebrations.