The blessing called Grandparents

Those bedtime stories from a grandmother who cherish our existence more than anyone else on the earth and those anytime fulfilled wishes of chocolates and toys by a grandfather for whom we are his proud possessions; such are the things which describe a sweet relationship between grandparents and grandchildren. Grandparents have voluminous love for their grandchildren. If it has to be for a kid then the second best relation would be that with his or her grandparents after their parents’ especially in today’s world where both the parents are busy making money.


Grand parents Day gift


Listening stories from grandparents is one of the unforgettable memories of everyone’s childhood and the stories which involves our parents childhood is everyone’s favourite. They are the most patient listeners of every tale which a kid brings back from school. No matter what you do, they will always stand by your side favouring you in front of your parents. They are the safest escape points when you know that you are likely to get a scolding from mother. This unconditional love makes them stand out from the rest of the world.

But sadly, the most important people of everyone’s life are losing their importance and people are not even realizing what great loss they are calling upon themselves. Just imagine for once what it will be like if we don’t have someone in our lives to save us from harsh scolding of our parents, someone to put hands on our head praying for our well-being, patting our backs and celebrating our success like their own. Grandparents are that priceless treasure whom we tend to ignore on the grounds of being busy with our so called important lifestyle. Some youngsters take them as a burden. What they fail to understand is that that life is a cycle and after a certain age our grandparents become exactly what we were in our childhood. They also long for the same kind of affection, care and attention which was once our longing. So, here is the day to make your grandparents loved and feel special this Grandparents Day.


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