The Hidden Meaning Behind the Number of Roses

We all know that the best flowers to express love are the Roses but did you know that apart from the colours that stand for different meanings, the number of the Roses that you gift to that special person also has a hidden message. Read what the number of Roses represents so that you can select the best bunch for that most beautiful person.


A single Rose

A single well blossomed Rose represents ‘love at first sight’. If there is someone who has touched your heart with just one look, they deserve a beautiful Rose.

A pair of Roses

Two Roses signify a couple that is happy in their own little world. If you feel that there is mutual love between the two of you, a pair of 2 Roses should be gifted.

A bunch of 3

When you gift someone a bunch of 3 Roses, you don’t need to iterate the most cherished expression. These three Roses stand for the three most powerful words, ‘I Love You’.

Special 9

Giving someone 9 Roses isn’t just a gesture; it has a very deep meaning. A bunch of 9 Roses is a very special one as it isn’t a gift, it is a promise. It means ‘together as long as we both shall live’.

Pretty 10

If there is a special someone who is out there and you want them to know that they are beautiful but you don’t have the courage to do so, give them 10 Roses and they will get the hint as it stands for the expression: ‘ You are pretty’.

Friendly 13

People might, in general, consider 13 to be an unlucky number but when it is counted with Roses, it becomes a symbol of friendship. Not only this, it also comes with a subtle hint that there might a secret admirer waiting for a response.

Apologetic 15

When you love someone, you fight with them. Well, get over that fight and say sorry in style. Send that person 15 Roses and they will understand that you are sorry for your action.

Sincere 20

Gifting 20 Roses can make a person feel really special because by gifting them this, you are telling them that you feel responsible towards them. Also, that you are sincere as far as your relationship with them is considered.

Always 24

24 Roses stand for every hour of the day. It is the most beautiful way to tell someone that they are on your mind every time. You always think about them.

Sanctuary of 50

Have you ever felt at peace just by being with someone? These 50 Roses signify that you love the warmth of this well-ripened relationship. It also says that you never regret any moment that you have spent with them.

Forever 99

99 Roses are forever. This is the most special way to express how much you love someone. It says, ‘I will love you till the day I day’. This is forever and always!

Be mine 108

If your partner is a romantic person then we are sure that they must be hoping for a very romantic proposal. So, ask them to marry you with a bunch of 108 Roses as they stand for the most sought after question, ‘Will you marry me?’

Forever 1001

1001 Roses are forever. They are the sweetest way to tell someone that your love is faithful and will live forever!

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