The History of Anniversary Day – Fall in Love with Each Other Once Again

Throughout history, wedding anniversary days have always been regarded special. What began as a celebration to mark the day where couples united under the banner of love and romance, evolved into a far more joyous celebration!

Till this day, the tradition of celebrating one’s wedding anniversary has been observed. Love and joy is exchanged among the two, as are cakes and flowers. It is truly a wondrous day for not just the two, but for the whole family. Mirroring its origin, the tradition of celebrating wedding anniversary has been carried forward till this day.

The History of Wedding Anniversaries

The custom of wedding anniversaries began in medieval Central Europe. Couples all around this region celebrated the delightful eve of anniversary as greetings and gifts were exchanged.

Here are some of amazing facts about wedding anniversary celebrations –

  • In the medieval times, the 25 year old silver anniversary was marked by the husband gifting his wife with a silver garland.
  • The fourth finger on the left hand, dubbed as the “ring finger” is where wedding rings are normally worn. It is said that there is a vein on this finger that leads directly to the heart.
  • The age-old tradition of wedding anniversary cakes originated in ancient Rome, where a loaf of bread was broken on the wife’s head by the guests to ensure fertility.
  • In many ancient cultures around the world, the anniversary couple’s hands were said to have been tied with each other to demonstrate their commitment towards one another.

 Evergreen Gifts in Wedding Anniversaries

No matter the era, the practice of giving gifts on wedding anniversary celebrations has always been prevalent.

Here are some of the popular gifts that have always remained evergreen.

1. Cakes and Sweets

Cakes and Sweets

Cakes are the special highlight of any anniversary day. No one is disappointed to have them.

As evidenced in historical records, cakes have always been the most cherished edible products. It is said that in Medieval England layers of wedding cake were stacked up high, for the couple to kiss over them.

Nowadays cakes are available in a multitude of unique flavors and unique, innovative themes, like the cake in the shape of a horse’s head. Nothing speaks the language of love with more clarity than a cake.

2. Gifts that Bring Joy and Memorability

Gifts that Bring Joy and Memorability

A memory is an everlasting thing. What greater joy is there than to relive the joy and remembrance of that special moment time and time again.

Whether it is a cake photo-printed with a memory that always brings a smile to you and your loved one’s face, or a card with a heartfelt message written in it, a memory is something that is prized above all else.

After all, “Nothing fixes a thing so intensely in the memory as the wish to remember it”

3. Beauty Products

Beauty Products

Grooming products are always things that “never go out of style”. Whether it is a cosmetic make-up kit, or a trimming kit, anything that improves a person’s overall image is always special.

Since ancient times, the practice of presenting beauty products to others has always existed. No one can be disappointed to have them.

Nowadays, with eye-liners, lip sticks for women, and branded deodorants and aftershave lotions for men, beauty products are all the more in rage. Be assured that a beauty will always be something that is guaranteed to please anyone.

4. Flowers

Flowers Bouquets

Flowers have always been special. Who cannot get enamored by the sweetness and fragrance of a flower petal?

Various ancient civilizations are noted to have decorated events such as wedding anniversaries with flowers. Whether it is a rose bouquet, or a tulip garland, a flower is always special.

In the modern age, obtaining the best flowers is a breeze thanks to e-commerce and the various digital marketing platforms. Buyers simply have to visit the online store and order the flowers that catch their fancy, and subsequently having them delivered. After all, what is a wedding anniversary without flowers?

As the saying goes “A wedding anniversary is the celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance and tenacity”

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