The Leo’s Roar

As the month of August is about to bid us adieu and so is the Zodiac, Leo, we have a list of the qualities that are found in most of the Leos. We all know that they are bright, vivacious and born leaders, but there is more to their personality. Enjoy reading!


1. Headstrong

Leo’s are known for their head-strong personalities. It is rare to put a Leo down. Once they make up their mind, they work hard towards achieving it. Whether it is pursuing their love or career, they are the go-getters. That is why, you will find a lot of Leos on the top-notch positions and with the best love stories.

2. The best Mane

Leos are blessed with good hair. It is in their stars somehow. They will have the best mane just like a real Lion. It is something that shows that they are proud of who they are. Don’t be jealous, they were born this way!

3. Fearless

Leos are not afraid of anything at all. Throw any difficulty on them and they will find a way to come out looking glorious. They are not afraid to settle down or to take any risk. Nothing frightens them.

4. Loves Grand Gestures

Whether it is the declaration of love, a birthday gift, planning a holiday or a wedding, Leos are all about the grand gestures. They will plan everything in the true blue Bollywood style. Settling for something petite is not their style.

5. Loves to pamper

If you know a Leo, you must be aware of the fact that they love to be pampered. Yes, they love to return the favour (sometimes), but they need to feel like the most important person to you. Gifts, picnics or fine dining, they need constant pampering

6. Borderline Narcissism

They possess some great qualities but there is one catch. Most Leos are narcissists. They love themselves a little too much. And, just as the lion is considered as the king of the jungle, they consider themselves Kings and queens too.

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