The Right Chocolate for The Right Occasion

Chocolates are a definite delight for any and all occasions. Whether it is a few bars of Cadbury Dairy Milk, or something exotic like a box of Blue Bandana Chocolate Bars, no one can be disappointed to receive a box of chocolates.

From presenting a bouquet of flowers with a chocolate bar on a friend’s birthday, or an adorable teddy bear plushy alongside a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolate balls to your lover on anniversary day, chocolates will always be special.

Here are some of the most exotic varieties of gourmet chocolates to gift on special occasions –

1. Dark Chocolate Almonds & Sea Salt Organic Bar 

Dark Chocolate Almonds & Sea Salt Organic Bar

Made from the richest dark chocolate, and blended with an assortment of crunchilious almonds, this is undoubtedly one of the finest chocolaty desserts to savor.

It may be a birthday celebration, or your passion-filled 5th anniversary, but be sure that a collection of these is going to be a font of absolute joy for all.

Get some dark chocolate almond bars and spread happiness and delight to all in any event of occasion.

2. Chocolate Coins

Chocolate Coins

Made from the finest milk chocolate and presented in the shape of a coin, wrapped in gold foil, chocolate coins are unquestionably a delight to receive, as they are to savor.

Whether you present a box of these gold foiled chocolate surprises to your loved ones on the day of Dhanteras by packaging them in a chocolate gift basket, or a chocolate bouquet, It will always be something that the receivers will remember for a long time.

3. Choctails


Posh, sophisticated, and gorgeous a box of delightful chocolates made in a variety of flavors and presented in a beautiful box is truly special.

Whether you give a box of these chocolaty wonders to your family on Janmashtami, or present a box of them to your friend, on his or her birthday, be sure of the fact that this is one of the most exquisite pieces of chocolate that will be savored.

4. Blue Bandana Chocolate Bars

Blue Bandana Chocolate Bars

Popularly called the “the artisan chocolate bars” this collection is hand baked, and designed from the finest chocolate-makers.

Presenting a box of these is guaranteed to be a delight. Whether it is a box of chocolates wishing your friend, a speedy recovery or celebrating his or her 23rd birthday, a box of these is bound to be the highlight of the event.

5. Guatemala Lachua Craft Chocolate Chips

Guatemala Lachua Craft Chocolate Chips

With crunchy chocolate chips, dipped in finest gourmet chocolate, and blended with 100% pure organic sugar, the Guatemala Lachua Craft Chocolate Chips is a delight to savor, as it is to witness.

Get it for any event, or occasion, from the eve of anniversary, to congratulating the parents of a newborn baby, the taste of Guatemala Lachua Craft Chocolate Chips is always something to be delighted upon.

As they say “Whatever the question is, chocolate is the answer” A one-liner that aptly describes a chocolate in a special occasion.

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