The Story Behind Janmashtami: Celebrating the Birth of Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna is considered to be the 8th incarnation of Lord Vishnu, the creator. He is the avatar of love, compassion and tenderness.

From being the lovable prankster God, to the flirtatious passion-filled lover of Radha, to being the divine guiding hand that led to the triumph of the Pandavas in the battle of Kurukshetra, Krishna’s stories and feats are reverberate time and again throughout the Hindu mythology.


The Tale of Lord Krishna’s Birth 

No other story about Lord Krishna bears more significance than the tale of Janmasthami, or the birth of Lord Krishna.

According to the Puranas, Krishna was born on the 8th lunar day of Asthami, in the month of Shravana. The story behind his birth is as interesting as his character.

The tale of Janmasthami goes on to tell that during the time of Krishna’s birth, the kingdom of Mathura was in a state of turmoil. The heir to the throne of Mathura, Kansa, had launched a coup against his father, King Ugrasena, and had put him in prison, declaring himself the new king of Mathura.

Appalled by Kansa’s treachery, Lord Vishnu decided to take matters into his own hands. He took birth in human form as Krishna and descended to Earth.

In the meantime, the wedding ceremony of Devki, Kansa’s own sister and Vasudev, was being held. At that time, a divine prophecy foretelling the death of Kansa at the hands of Vasudev’s eighth son was proclaimed.

Horrified upon hearing this, Kansa rushed to kill his sister. Fearing for her life, Vasudev promised Kansa that he would hand over all her children to him.

Kansa put his brother-in-law and sister in prison, and killed all of their 6 children as soon as they were born. However, the seventh child, Balram, was saved due to a divine intervention that resulted in him being transferred from Devki’s womb to that of Vasudev’s second wife, Rohini.

The 8th incarnation of Vishnu, Lord Krishna was finally born, as Devki conceived her eighth child. With sky blue skin, lotus like eyes, and the holy swastika sign under his foot, the beauty of Lord Krishna astonished even his mother, Devki. And thus the legend began.

As Devki conceived the eighth child, everything around was imbued with benevolence and majestic beauty. Lord Krishna was born in a divine form with lotus like eyes, his palms bearing the signs of a lotus, while his sole has a swastika sign.

In a surprising twist of fate, the moment he was born, Vasudev and Devki’s prison cell doors flung open, and all the guards fell asleep.

The two immediately escaped with their child and went to a person named Nand, where they exchanged baby Krishna for Nand’s daughter. And thus Krishna grew up.

  • Some Interesting Facts and Information Aboutthe Janmasthami Celebration

Krishna Janmashtami Puja Muhurat

1. 5244th Birth Anniversary of Lord Krishna

2. Nishita Puja Time = 24:03+ to 24:47+

3. Duration = 0 Hours 43 Mins

4. Mid Night Moment = 24:25+

5. On 15th, Parana Time = After 17:39

6. On Parana Day Ashtami Tithi End Time = 17:39

Now, internationally as well, this date is to be followed for Janmashtami celebration.

  • Dates of Janmashtami for the coming 5 years

Day Date Year
Tuesday August 15 2017
Monday September 3 2018
Friday August 23 2019
Wednesday August 12 2020
Tuesday August 31 2021
Friday August 19 2022
  • Celebrations

Hindus all over India observe fast on the day of Janmasthami, celebrating his birth and reciting his life story and teachings that are scribed within the slokas of the Bhagwad Gita.

Gifts and special decorative pooja thalis filled with mouthwatering Janmashtami sweets are exchanged, as the devotees light up on this grand occasion and pay their homage to Lord Krishna.

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