The usual Independence Day celebration, but does it holds the essence?

An annual celebration of freedom from the British Empire since 15th August, 1947, Independence Day is a proud day for any Indian. The day is a national holiday and celebrations are observed throughout India. This celebration is not the same as usual but a different kind. On this day flag-hoisting ceremonies, cultural events and parades are conducted across the country. We Indians celebrate the day by displaying the national flag on our attire, accessories, homes and even vehicles; by listening to patriotic songs, watching patriotic movies; and bonding together with family, friends and fellow Indians. Sharing sweets and get together with neighbours and friends, is considered to be a great way to celebrate this auspicious day of Indian Independence.


On this 68th Independence Day celebration. Prime Minister Narender Modi will hoist our Indian flag with an awe-inspiring speech as he has always been a good orator, to bring the nation together with all that India has achieved and yet to receive. Schools and colleges remain the most active participants of this celebration. Flags are hoisted in schools, and children stage the parade, and various other cultural programs and sing patriotic songs. The whole nation gets into the spirit of patriotism and remembers the freedom fighters for their great sacrifices.

But just simply celebrating Independence Day listening to patriotic songs and a few speeches enough? Is our freedom really guarded? The answer is no. Freedom is not protected by large armies at border if the state is rotten within. We are presently living in a world of chaos. A great chaos where corruption, scams, issues of women safety, child labour, ever-growing population and what not. The day of our freedom can be celebrated in true essence only if we pledge to bring a change in ourselves. It’s no use changing the society if we cannot change ourselves for good. Only when we live in peaceful families and non-corrupted societies, we will able to withhold our freedom.


MyFlowertree Wishing you Happy Independence Day

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