Things to be Beware of When Sending Gifts

No one can be disheartened to receive a present. Whether it is a cosmetic kit for a sister on the day of Raksha Bandhan, a birthday cake for your friend’s birthday, or a Valentine’s Day flower bouquet for your lover, nobody can be disappointed to receive a gift.

Not all gifts are alike. Some gifts charm the receiver with a grand display of show and opulence like a cosmetic makeup kit from Gucci, some are inlaid with deep memories of a joyous moment in time, in an age long forgotten like a photo-printed cake, while others  are just delightful to receive something simple and thoughtful like a cartoon themed birthday cake.


But all is not milk and honey, even when giving gifts. You may have all the good intentions but there are certain things that will undoubtedly ruin the whole experience. Here are some of the things that you should be wary off –

Returning Gifts and Re-Gifting

– Returning the joy of a gift is a beautiful gesture. Whether you give your friend a return gift on your birthday, or you give your friend a beautiful friendship day cake in return for the wonderful lunch he or she had treated you with. The joy of reciprocating the affection through return gifts is always special.

 Here are some pointers you should bear in mind while re-gifting –

  1. Never re-gift the same thing you received from the giver.
  2. Try to avoid writing your name on the return gift
  3. Avoid giving money

Keep the Recipient in Mind

– Giving someone a gift is always special and memorable. Whether you had ordered it through the online gift delivery system or not, it wouldn’t mean anything if the recipient does not like it. After all, it is the likes and dislikes of the gift receiver that matters, not your own.

Here are certain things about the recipient that you must always keep in mind about the gift recipient –

  1. Beware of gift recipient’s allergies.
  2. Never gift something that deemed offensive to his or her beliefs
  3. Keep his or her likes and dislikes in mind.

 Memorability not The Monetary Value

– A gift is far more than just a mere physical object. It is a portion of one’s heart and mind, draped in joyous memories and remembrance. No one can determine the true value of a gift in terms of monetary value.

Here are pointers to keep in mind –

  1. Never look at the monetary value of the gift. Look at the memorability of the object and what would make the receiver happy.
  2. The look on the gift recipient’s face as he or she receives it is priceless. So make sure whether it is a diamond or a artificial stone the person’s preference is well accounted to.

 Do not Give Gifts on a “Tit for Tat” Basis

– A gift should never be given just because you received something nice from the recipient. It should be given out the goodness of your heart. Whether you gift your special some a gift basket, or anything else, remember it’s the thought that counts.

 Just as the famous Russian poet Boris Pasternak once said Surprise is the greatest gift which life can grant us, it is not the gift itself, but the way we present it that counts.”

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