Tips For Easy Removal Of Holi Color

Holi is all about fun, food and colors. This festival asks you to break free and enjoy smearing colors on each other’s faces. But many of us are scared of enjoying this festival as later the stubborn colors will not go away and even cause damage to skin. This could be a nightmare for your skin. But don’t worry; we bring you the most effective ways to remove color from your hair and skin, so you need not be afraid of enjoying Holi, anymore.


  • Before stepping out of the house apply lots of coconut oil or olive oil on your hair and body to form a protective layer over the skin. This will make rinsing the color easy. Also, apply nail paint over all your nails to avoid them getting colored because it does not comes out easily from nails.
  • Prefer playing with dry colors as they are easy to remove, also it saves water. Always use cold water to remove colors, hot water will make fast and hard to remove. Use a mild soap and shampoo to avoid damage.
  • Once you are done washing, apply any homemade hair mask. Mix egg yolk with curd and apply for 40 minutes on hair. For skin apply hour-long pre-soaked MulthaniMitti and rinse it off when dry. Or you can make a paste of curd and gram flour with a pinch of turmeric and apply on your skin.
  • At last use a moisturizer or glycerin mixed with rose water. Avoid bleach or facial for a week as your skin might be cracked and it could do more damage.

With these above tips you can have a blast on Holi without worrying about the colors. However, one more tip is there. Play Holi responsibly; prefer natural and organic colors over chemicals, to save both, the skin and the environment. So, ‘Happy Holi’.

MyFlowertree:    Wishing you Happy Holi

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