Top 10 Thanksgiving Rakhi Messages for Your Sister with Return Gifts

Sometimes a sister may feel that her brother is too cold, uncaring, and emotionally detached, not caring one bit about her.

But this tag of ‘not being emotionally expressive’ changes completely, on the day of Raksha Bandhan. Witness how he drops his “tough guy” attitude on this auspicious day and his heart melts as his sweet sister ties the thread of Rakhi on his wrist.

What better way to express your brotherly affection than by gifting her some wonderful return gifts alongside a beautiful message straight from the heart to make her feel special!

Rakhi Message for your brother

Here are some suggestions to plan her a surprise –

  1. Returning the joy through cards and a heartfelt message

Decorated and intricately, designed cards are guaranteed to spread the joy of this occasion to all. But what is more special is the fact that now you can write your own special Rakhi message on the card. Imagine the joy on her face, as the card is opened and your message is read! A fitting message to accompanying a card would be –

There are times when I loved you from the bottom of my heart, and there are times when you got on my nerves by doing silly things. But no matter what, you are and will always be my kid sister. Happy Raksha Bandhan, sister! Thanks for always being there unconditionally 

  1. Cartoon faces hand carved on a pumpkin with a scroll

Express your warm wishes to your sister with a cute and funny cartoon face hand carved on the pumpkin.

A beautiful and emotional message printed on a scroll accompanying this gift would make a perfect accompaniment. A suggestion for a memorable Rakhi message is –

Those magical days of our childhood that we shared together may never come again, but I will always treasure them in my heart all my life. Happy Raksha Bandhan, sister! You are the best. 


  1. Expressing brotherly love through photo-printed cushions

A cushion is something that everybody uses all day. From lying on the sofa to providing back rest to your sister when she’s tired, a cushion is always there. What better way to express your Rakhi wishes than a wonderful message of thanks written on her favorite cushion. One of the most popular messages related to this is –

Whether I was screaming for help as that spider crawled up my arm, or I was fending off school bullies, you were always there by my side. Thank you and Happy Rakhi Didi!


  1. Turkey shaped door décor with a message from the heart

Cute and adorable, a décor in the shape of a turkey is a perfect way to delight her. What’s better is that you can also write messages on it; thanking her for all that she is to you. A perfect message accompanying this gift is –

We played, we fought, we supported each other, and we always will. Thank you for everything, and happy Raksha Bandhan, sister!

  1. Chocolate basket with a message

It could be a basket of Ferrero Rochers or some Cadbury Dairy Milk bars for her. Anything that excites her sweet tooth is a delight. What is even more special is when you attach a message along with it.

No matter how impossible the situation is, I can always rely on you to bail me out of it. Thank you, sister! Happy Raksha Bandhan.

  1. Rakhi flowers with a message

A cheerful bouquet of yellow gerberas mirroring your sweet sister’s smile is guaranteed to be a joy for her. Get this flower bouquet and present it with a message.

May this Raksha Bandhan bring you all the prosperity and good luck in your life. Happy Rakhi Sister. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for all that you have done, and all that you are keep doing for me.

  1. Rakhi cakes and a message

A cheerful variety of cakes is sure to bring a smile on the face of your sister. You can even have these cakes photo-printed and iced with a special message. From vanilla to chocolate, any flavor of cake is available here. An apt gift for an apt message –

It does not have to be Raksha Bandhan to tell you how special you are. No matter how deeply entrenched I was in a pit, you have always been there for help. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you. Happy Rakhi!

  1. Box of her favorite sweets and a message

Imagine a box loaded with the most delicious and mouthwatering sweets which she loves. It could be a kaju barfis or a box of laddoos. But no matter what it is, Rakhi is incomplete without these sweets. Send her an equally memorable message alongwith these sweets.

You do not need to hear from my end that you are special. Whether it was taking a walk at the hour of midnight, or just lounging on the sofa and engaging in an interesting discussion, I never felt alone. Thank you for being there for me, didi. Happy Raksha Bandhan.

  1. Beautiful Jewelry and a message

Present your sister with a dazzling set of jewelry. From pendants to earrings, it is sure to be a delight, whether she is a fashionista or not! What better way to express your rakhi delight than by this message

I always thought you were too fussy and over protective, but as I grew older, I learnt to appreciate that. Thank you for shielding me always, big sister. Happy Rakhi!


  1. Delightful plushies for your sister with a message


A soft fluffy teddy bear is always a joy to receive. Get the best soft toy for her and celebrate Rakhi for her. Nothing but a memorable message to relight her smile and joy. A suggestion for this message is –

There were good times, there were bad times, and there were times when you irritated me to core. From throwing tantrums, to laughing joyously as you watched Tom n Jerry, all the memories shared with you will always be special for me. Thank you, little sister, and Happy Rakhi!

And to our surprise, not only rakhis but beautiful and exciting return gifts for your sister are also available online, so pick and send the best ones.

After all, a sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life.


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