Top 3 Valentine’s Day Traditions for the Newlyweds

The first Valentine’s Day after marriage is always special. Both the partners try to make it special for their significant other. Valentine’s Day is the opportunity for the couples to express their true love for their partner. Apart from this, what differentiates Valentine’s Day from any other day is that it is celebrated differently in different countries. In India, we do it by going on a date, and that is the American way to do it. But there are many other ways in which you can celebrate the day. So this time, for your first Valentine’s Day after marriage, instead of going on a date and buying an expensive Valentine’s Day gift, celebrate it a bit differently.

Valentine Gifts

Here is how the day is celebrated in other countries:

1.Wine Drinking

In Bulgaria, February 14th is celebrated as the St. Trifon Zarezan day, which is otherwise known as the Winemaker’s Day.  It is also celebrated as National Drinking Day and people go out with their Valentine to drink different types of wine. And so you can do the same with your spouse this Valentine’s Day.

2. The Sweetness Week

We are all familiar with the Valentine’s Day week which is celebrated from 7th February to 14th February. But you will be surprised to know that in Argentina, two such weeks are celebrated instead of one.  First one is the one we are all familiar with, and the second one called ‘Sweetness Week’ and is celebrated in July. Although it began as a marketing campaign by some confectioners, the country did not take long to make a tradition out of it. So now, not only are you celebrating the Valentine’s week as usual, you can also celebrate Sweetness Week and surprise your partner.

3. Chocolate Day

In 2007, it was declared that February 14th in Ghana will be celebrated as Chocolate Day from then onwards. Now we know what you are thinking. There already is a Chocolate day in the Valentine’s week, why would you want to celebrate it twice?! But that’s not the real question you should be asking. Instead, why we should not be celebrating another chocolate day? Let’s be honest here, who says no to a chocolate? No one! So end the Valentine’s Week on a sweet note. You can either roam around places to have different chocolates or you can just sit back at home and order chocolates online, whichever you like!

There you have it. Instead going the usual way you have always celebrated the Valentine’s Day till date, pick any of the traditions in other countries and do it their way. It will be the perfect way to celebrate your first Valentine’s Day with your spouse and to make it special.

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