Top 5 Exotic Plants You Should Keep In Your Home or Office’

Plants are the finest creature of god with greater significance. The relationship of plants with humans is a mutual one, where they provide oxygen that humans require and CO2 in return. But with industrial development, people started invading plants and trees numerous times. The aftereffect of this has led everyone to make the decision of growing plants in their house. Indoor plants are one such option to make the world green again. Even though the prior motive is to décor the home or places, these plants do have certain qualities which are beneficial for mankind. Listed out are a few collections of plants for home or office. Read through the article and join hands to make the world go green.

  • Air Plant

It is a beautiful type of plant that you will find if you do a search for the best plants for house or offices. So as the name suggests, the plant requires no soil and it grows only with air. The alien-like tentacles of the plant make the little plant look exotic and fascinating. These are becoming popular among other indoor greens at the market. Plant nurseries are promoting the unusual type of plants which are easy to grow at home or offices. Hundreds of species of these categories are available. Most of them are productive and attractive as well. These plants require a certain amount of water and light at the first stages where it needs to be kept at the right temperature to stay healthy.

Air Plant

  • Paddle Plant

It is one of the succulent indoor plants you will find online. The bold and big leaves with the pink shade as the lining make it attractive. These plants require an ample amount of light where you can keep them as a décor item on the windowsill so that they will receive the required amount of light. The best part of the plant is that it doesn’t matter even if you forget to water the plant for a few days. The plant is favorable to grow in dry conditions too. It requires a well-drained soil condition in order to prevent rotten stems. Even though it requires sunlight, it is better to avoid direct light during the summer season. Also, overwatering at times needs to be avoided.

Paddle Plant

  • Pothos Plant

Pothos, otherwise known as the Devil’s Ivy is an incredible sprawling plant. It is one of the easiest and the available best plants online. Among all indoor green plants, Pothos is the one that grows well in almost any situation. The heart-shaped satiny leaves make it vibrant-looking. It can even tolerate the darkest cubicles and even the brightest ones. And it is one of the reasons why they are considered as the easiest growing house or office plants. These plants can survive even for a week without water. The changes in the plant and the leaves will make you know its need or necessity for water or light. It better suits study tables, desks, and even kitchen stands. It gives a dramatic impact on the place where it is kept.

Pothos Plant

  • Aloe Vera

Are you searching for the best and perfect green for your home or office? If you rather wish to buy plants online, the finest choice is always the aloe vera plant. It is the plant with a greater beneficial part. Beautiful and vibrant in look and gives you fresh air as well. Overwatering of the plant is much worse than never watering the plant. The plant is active with beauty vitamins and is having greater medicinal purposes. The sharp sword-like tentacles with little thorns in the edges are even beautiful to see. It is even considered as the luckiest plant to keep in-home or in office. It gives you fresh air by emitting an equal amount of oxygen for the carbon dioxide you are exhaling.

Aloe Vera

  • Snake Plants

This type of plant is particularly designed as an office plant. It is commonly known as the mother-in-law’s tongue. It is a resilient succulent plant that can grow 6 inches to several feet. These plants are similar to other indoor plants that purify the air in the atmosphere. It filters out the air even at night. It is an ideal bedroom plant and is perfect for office areas as well. It is wiser to keep the plant away from pet animals as it is mildly toxic if consumed. If you have a browse for the list of plants you should keep at home, snake plants will be one of the prior options. Therefore, try out this variety of plants to beautify your room and to breathe non-toxic air.

Snake Plants

Final Words

Whatever it be, even if you are a master gardener or a plant enthusiast, picking up the right and perfect one might make you confused. Hope the above content about plants ideas for home and office helped you in a way to pick the perfect plant for your space.