Top 5 ways to say I love u

Saying ‘I love you’ to your partner to continuously remind them of your love is important. But also sometimes it’s is really important to make them feel that you love them and not simply say it. So here are the top 5 ways you can make them feel special with your love: 

A full day date – Go to a romantic movie, visit your favourite gaming spot, taste your favourite food and end the day with some dine and wine in a romantic setting. This will surely convey the message right


Karaoke – if you are in love you shouldn’t be hesitant in admitting it in public. So just dedicate and perform a karaoke song. This will sweep them off their feet with happiness.



Do the chores they dislike – help them relax by doing the chores you know your partner dislikes. This is one of the sweetest gestures to say ‘I love you’.



Pick them up –even if it is inconvenient for you to pick them up from work or some other place, pick them up to make them feel loved and caressed.



Flowers – yes flowers aren’t meant to be given o just birthday or anniversary but they are a magical remedy when you want to see your partner smile.


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