Top 5 ways to say Sorry

Having fights in relationships is common and so is apologizing for your mistake. But when your partner gets really upset an refuses you his/her forgiveness, here are some sure shot ways to get it.

Handwritten note – write your apology on a fancy paper that is easily available on any craft store. Also tell them why you love them so much.

sorry handwritten

Favourite food – this one is irresistible. Order or rather cook your partner’s favourite food, setup a romantic dining table and place your sorry note there.


Gorgeous flowers – it’s impossible not to smile at the sight of some adorable flowers. Send your sorry note with a flower bouquet to set their mood right.


With music–you know their favourite playlist so just play it and extend your sorry note when their mood is right.

Post on social media – post images of yourself in an apologetic stance or holding up an “I’m Sorry”  sign on your facebook. This is very cute and adorable.



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