Top 9 Fastest Growing Trees in India

The population has become a real threat all over in India. 9 cities have already occupied the list of top populated cities all over the world. This increases in pollution and several other things. The only possibility to overcome pollution and enjoy sound health is by growing more trees. Several trees can grow to some extent in 7 to 10 years. Most of these trees are capable of absorbing the toxic pollutants present in the atmosphere and purify the air. If you are concerned about the environment, one best thing that you can do is planting the right tree. Here is a list of trees that will help to save the environment and grow fast.

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1. Banyan Tree

Being the national tree of India, banyan is one of the trees that is beneficial for society and people in several ways. One popular benefit of it is the shade it offers and it is the oldest tree in the country. With the huge density, it also offers enough oxygen and thus it is worshipped as well. banyan tree online

2. Mangroves Tree

These mangroves trees are commonly found in the tropical and coastal areas. These trees play a vital role when it comes to preserving the ecosystem. It is also the best for natural coastal protecting agents. The roots of these trees are extended and it also forms a nursery. These trees work great when it comes to purifying the air and protecting soil erosion. 

mangrove tree online

3. Amla Tree

One of the important trees that take place in Ayurvedic medicine is the Alma tree and it is also considered to be the best gift from nature. This is the medium-sized tree that appears with the crooked trunk, long and spreading bushes. This has greenish-yellow color fruit that appears with six vertical stripes.

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4. Madhukar Tree

This is one of the trees that can adapt to any type of soil and grow fast. However, sandy soil is the best choice for the tree. This tree grows up to 20 meters and has to be planted in warm and humid conditions. The efforts to grow this tree are less, but the benefits offered are huge. 

5. Bahasa Tree

This is one of the lovely and beautiful trees that are grown in India. This looks alluring and bewitching in April. It can grow well in the dry climates, which makes the presence of the tree in several southern states. The approximate height of the tree would be 40 feet. 

6. Bamboo

One of the incredible plants that can grow fast all over the world is the bamboo plant. This appears with the hollow stem and commonly found in some humid tropical climatic conditions all around Asia. So, with these conditions, India is one of the counties that serve as the home for the bamboo trees. You can have the plant from the Online Plant Nursery and it attains full maturity just within 90 days of the plantation.

bamboo tree online

7. Neem 

One of the fastest-growing trees with a huge number of medicinal benefits is the neem tree. Today, most medicines available in the medical store contain the parts of the neem tree as the ingredient. It is instrumental in curing several severe diseases since the ancient period.

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8. The Oak Tree

Being an extant plant species, this is grown in the cold temperatures. It is one of the fastest-growing trees and considered to be the primary source of fuelwood. The leaves of this tree are the vital source of fodder for livestock. 

oak tree

9. The Sagaun Tree 

The saga tree is the tall and evergreen plant that appears with yellowish blond to reddish-brown wood. This is the most important source when it comes to furniture production. This holds the most important place in medicine production as well. Its bark is good as a tonic if you need to treat fever, stomach ache, and headache. It will also assist in enhancing the digestion process. As it can sustain in different climatic conditions, it has a long lifespan and is beneficial for a longer time. 

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So, you have gone through some of the best and fast-growing plants in India. When you need to offer the beautiful nature to the forthcoming generation, preserving the trees is one of the important things that you do when planting more trees.

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