Unique Birthday Surprises to Make That Day Special

A birthday party is more than just a celebration. It marks the passing of a year in one’s life. To commemorate this, a grand party is thrown for him or her, one that remains in the memory forever.  After all “How beautiful a day can be when you are the art of it!”

Birthday Surprises

There is nothing more exciting or thrilling than a surprise on the eve of birthday. Imagine pretending to forget about his or her birthday before throwing a sudden last minute surprise and witnessing the joy and happiness on his/her face. Here are some ideas for some of the most memorable birthday surprises you may throw him or her –

Surprise Birthday Party

Surprise Birthday Party Imagine the surprise on the face of your friend as you get up at the hour of midnight and throw your friend the surprise of his or her life. Whether it is a themed party or a traditional one a birthday bash is always unforgettable. Throw a surprise birthday bash and delight your friend on this special day.

Surprise Birthday Gifts

Surprise Birthday Gifts The look of surprise and joy on your friend’s face as he or she wakes up and sees the beautiful birthday gifts you have brought is truly special. Whether you gift him or her soft, fluffy teddy, or something more opulent, like a 30-year-old bottle of vintage wine, a surprise birthday gift will always delight and surprise your friend.

Surprise Birthday Cake

Surprise Birthday Cake From the classic chocolate cake to the cheerfulness of a yellow butterscotch cake, no birthday is complete without a cake. Imagine the look of joy on your friend’s face as he or she discovers that box with the chocolate cake you want to gift.

Birthday Treasure Hunt

Birthday Treasure Hunt Playing games is always fun. How about a birthday treasure hunt where you leave subtle clues and hidden on the floor, for him or her to decipher. They say that “it is not the destination that matters, it is the journey”, just like the fun-filled joy of uncovering the treasure you have left for him – your birthday surprise.

Birthday Messages

Birthday Messages Being direct is not your style? Then sending a subtle birthday message is definitely the thing for you. Imagine the look on his or her face as your friend discovers those birthday messages that you have left behind. Spice it up a bit by hiding a birthday card under his or her favorite chair, or write a message saying the words “happy birthday” on a piece of cardboard and tuck it under the rug where you friend will have a hard time finding it. The fun is in discovering the surprise, not the gift.

Birthday Flowers

Birthday Flowers The smell of a flower may be hard to mask, especially when you are gifting a bouquet of flowers on a birthday. This is exactly why you will need to be extra crafty in this scenario. Hiding a flower bouquet in that dark obscure of his or her room is one sure shot way. Other creative and innovative ways may also be found out about. Just invoke your spirit of ingenuity and delve into this deeper. Whether it is a bouquet of roses or a basket of pink lilies, a birthday flower surprise is sure to make your friend feel special. Just be careful to not be so obvious!   Whatever surprise you have planned for him or her, nothing beats the joy of receiving a birthday surprise. A surprise of one minute lasts forever! From simple flowers for a birthday to a yumilicious birthday cake, the choices are endless to make that day special for him or her.