Valentine’s Day Gift’s to Give to your GF if you are Broke

Valentine’s Day is not just about buying expensive gifts for your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day to make her feel special. This is a day to celebrate love, not to spend huge amounts of money to express how much you love her. Just because you are broke, does not mean that you cannot celebrate the day with her. You can give her low-priced or DIY special gifts for Valentine’s Day which she will like. It can be:

1. A Single a Red Rose

A Single a Red Rose

Valentine’s Day will be incomplete without a red rose. For centuries, red rose has been a symbol of love. Its red color symbolizes the purity in love, and the vibrancy in color symbolizes the passion. Any Valentine’s Day celebration will be dull or will not feel perfect, if it does not have a red rose. You do not have to buy a lavish bouquet of roses; just a single red rose would do too. What matters is that you and your girlfriend are together on this day.

2. Chocolate


In addition to the red rose, you can also give her a chocolate. Not a box of chocolates, or a gourmet hamper, but just a bar of chocolate is enough. Spend the day with her, eat chocolates and look back at the good times you have spent with her, smile, and make a day of it. You do not need a reservation in a fancy restaurant to have a good date. You can have a date on a rooftop, a garden or may be just the backseat of your car, while eating chocolate.

3. Mixed CD

Mixed CD

If you do not want to buy something, but make a gift for her, then you should consider making a mixed CD for her. Make a playlist of all her favorite songs. Better yet, a playlist of songs you both like. Give her the CD on the day. Then play the CD, sing the songs to her, dance with her, and just have a great time together. This is what Valentine’s Day is all about: togetherness.

If you celebrate the Valentine’s Day with each other, then you do not need anything else. What truly matters is that on this day of love you are together. You do not always need money to give a special gift on Valentine’s Day, your efforts to make her happy and your sole presence is no less than a special gift.

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