Ways To Celebrate Independence Day Amid Lockdown

Independence day, a patriotic day when everyone feels proud to be Indian. This year India will celebrate its 74th Independence Day on August 15 for remembering the sacrifices made by the freedom fighters, citizens, and political leaders to free the motherland. Every year the celebration of independence day is honored with greatness, fervor, and enthusiasm. But, amid the novel coronavirus spread it is important to follow certain preventive measures such as maintaining social distancing, proper hand cleanliness, wearing facemasks, avoiding large congregations, and more. Usually, Independence Day is all about celebrating life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The young generation admires their fortune that they are born on the Independent land of India and have the privilege to breathe in free air. Of course, During the COVID-19 pandemic, more important changes have been made in Independence Day celebrations including social distancing and no large gatherings of people. Have you been confused about how you celebrate India’s 74th Independence Day? Here are some ways to celebrate Independence Day that will make the day memorable.

1. Planting trees

Trees are a great source of life on the planet. And also nature has the ability to relax your mind. So, having plants around your space helps you to stay calm. During COVID-19 pandemic, you may restrict from planting trees outdoors, so this Independence Day can grow plants indoors. On this Independence Day, you just plant a tree and celebrate the joyous occasion that makes every Indian proud.

2. Organize virtual activities

Most of the private schools have decided to host live-streaming of flag hoisting ceremonies and even organize virtual activities and other events for students. Every student and teacher can attend the flag hoisting ceremony through the Zoom app. Teachers or students who live in nearby areas can attend the event. So, students can see the flag hoisting ceremony live through mobile apps and social media platforms. For students, teachers can organize events like quizzes, singing, dancing, painting, debate, and more that are based on a patriotic theme.

3. Sharing Your Wishes With Palatable Sweets

Sweets are a perfect means of celebrating and sharing happiness. This independence day tunes your patriotism well with sweet delicacies of happiness. Sharing some delightful sweets has always been synonymous with festivals in India. Celebrate this Independence Day with special food recipes that you make at home. Greet your friends and relatives a very Happy Independence day. Make special delicacies with the theme of Independence Day in mind. Tell them your kids about sacrifices made by freedom fighters and their journey and efforts to make India a free country while enjoying a sweet treat.

4. Watch Independence Day Special Movies With Your Family

Independence Day is a good day when you all spend some quality time together with your families.  As well as, a perfect day to make your kids understand the importance of independence day. This year, download some patriotic movies and cherish the patriotic spirit. The legend of Bhagat Singh, Jai Hindh can be some good movie picks for the day. Invite your friends and neighbors to join in on the patriotic travel. Just take snacks like popcorn and good drinks to have fun.

5. Do A Fun Photoshoot

This year, Why not celebrate the love for the nation by wearing tricolor inspired outfits? Get dressed up in beautiful outfits and do a fun photoshoot with your family and friends. You can set up your photoshoot at your terrace or living room. Just be yourselves and catch the perfect one that would be memorable one last for a lifetime. And also do some fun activities at your home.

6. Celebrate The Day With Preventive Measures

Independence day is one of the joyous festivals and everyone enjoys the day with family and friends. But this year, you will celebrate Independence Day with some protective measures due to COIVID-19 amid. Of course, all you know about social distancing and avoiding gatherings. So, you should avoid close contact with others and maintain approximately six feet of personal space when you are in public. Washing your hands often with soap or hand sanitizer is very important for the celebration of Inde. You should wear a face-covering mask when you are in public places. Not just for but is a common courtesy to protect others if you are infected.

Last Few Words

Independence Day is a time of togetherness when the country unites to celebrate the day with joy and happiness. It is really important that you have to respect the independence and add glories to the nation. But this year will be markedly different due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. Doesn’t matter how you celebrate Independence Day, wash your hands often, wear a face mask, stay physically distant, and avoid crowded places. Stay Home Stay Safe and make your country the best one.