Ways to woo a girl during courtship

There lies a major difference between courting and dating a woman. Today’s generation has mixed up the two and has forgotten that love is not limited only to pleasing each other with exorbitant gifts and having parties celebrating every first of their relationship. Love is an eternal feeling, which is more about understanding your partner, commitment and deciding for the future.


Here is a list of things you can do for her during courtship:

  1. Be jolly: girls always admire those who can make them laugh. But take care that everything you say is taken in good humour. Make sure your jokes do not make her feel insulted.
  2. Smell good: body odour plays a vital role in deciding whether a girl will be impressed from you or will she feel disgusted. So, take a bath before seeing her, only wearing a good perfume will not work.
  3. Look in the eyes: be confident when you are around her and look into her eyes while she is talking. This will definitely leave a good impression as she likes when someone pays attention to whatever she is saying.
  4. Dress decently: fashion is not for girls only. Go to a saloon a day before your date. Dress decently in a shirt and a trouser preferably. Don’t let your first impression go wrong.
  5. Honesty is the best policy: More than anything, honest replies and comments make her feel happy. Your honesty can make her rely on you in the longer run.
  6. Respect her: Respect lures a girl more than love. Make sure you do not hurt her self-respect and pay attention when she is talking. You have all the rights to voice your opinion but do not bash her opinion.
  7. Give decent gifts: everyone likes getting gifts on special occasions. Carry some chocolates or flowers or even better order them online from MyFlowerTree and deliver them on her doorstep without any delay to bring that smile on her face.
  8. Be caring: though men believe that women have grown independent and can take care of herself, which is true as well but its different when it comes to her partner. When she is around you she wants to be taken care of. So make her feel warm and safe by holding her hand or holding her by shoulder.
  9. Stay loyal: Girls always adore those who they know will not cheat them for any other girl. When you are with her, be just with her. Make her believe that she is the centre of your universe.
  10.  Don’t threaten her: calling her frequently or texting cute messages is undoubtedly welcomed but as said excess of everything is bad. Do not make her feel stalked by your calls and messages. Respect her space and trust her.

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