Welcome a New Phase of Your Life with these 5 Cakes

Life can be best lived when you enjoy the small and big happy moments together with those who are close to your heart. For different people, the definition of a new phase in life is different. But for almost everyone, the basic idea of a new phase of life is that they get to feel some significant change in the way they live. For instance, getting married marks the beginning of a new phase of life for a single man or woman. Similarly, it’s the birth of a new child that starts a new phase in the lives of a married couple. In between all this, it’s our love for cakes that reminds us to include them in all our good times. Also, buying cakes online with quick delivery is easier these days.

Here are five types of cakes you can buy to celebrate the beginning of several different new phases of your life:

1. A Red Velvet Heart Cake for Your Wedding

Red Velvet Heart Cake

It’s true that for every individual, a new phase of life begins after getting married. Since people are involved in making so many arrangements for this special occasion, they often forget to include a cake to mark the beginning of a new life post this occasion. If you are getting married, make sure you add spark to the celebrations by ordering a red velvet heart-shaped cake for it. It is something unique that not everyone does. This sweet delicacy will make your wedding occasion memorable for you and also your guests.

2. A Pineapple Cake to Celebrate Getting Your First Salary

Pineapple Cake

Starting your career with the first job signifies the transition from being a student to becoming a working professional. As per the job responsibilities you need to handle, you have to make changes to your life to welcome this new phase in it. It feels great to receive the first salary in life.

If you have received your first salary in the recent past, make your loved ones feel happy and special by ordering a pineapple cake for them all. No matter how small or big the amount of your first salary is you can make memories with a cake to be cherished for the rest of your life.

3. A Personalized Cake For The First Birthday of Your Child

Personalized Cake

For married couples, entering into parenthood starts a new phase in their lives. They get bestowed with a little kid from God they fall in love with right from the moment of his or her birth. Most of the parents feel excited to celebrate the first birthday of their child. If your child’s first birthday is approaching in time, a birthday cake is something you just cannot forget to order. Whether you are organizing a big party for the occasion or have just called your closed relatives and friends for a get-together, a personalized cake will be loved by all.

4. A Chocolate Cake for Your 30th Birthday

Chocolate Cake

Nothing feels better than having everything sorted. 30 is the age when you are no more confused about your career, your personal life and pretty much everything else. By the time you are 30, you have had your share of failures, you have gone through brutal heartbreaks, and have gained enough wisdom to lead a happier life ahead. So when it is your 30th birthday, it deserves a grand celebration with a chocolate cake. Unlike searching for chocolate cakes in the local bakeries, finding and ordering them online is pretty easy. In most of the top-rated Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chandigarh or Hyderabad etc., midnight cake delivery services are offered by leading online gift portals.

5. Welcome The New Year With A Fruit Cake

Fruit Cake

A lot of people think of a New Year as the beginning of a new life. They want to celebrate staying true to the resolutions they made last year, business-related growth they have achieved or skills they have developed. To celebrate success and also to welcome a New Year with open arms, you can buy a fruit cake for your family members, friends or colleagues.

As detailed above, a new phase of life can be defined in a number of ways. But you can buy these amazing cakes to celebrate them all. As per your likes, you can easily find a wide variety of cakes available on renowned online gift portals.


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