Why Self-Defence Is So Important For Women?

Every day, either on social media or on Television, you are hearing about women being victimized. There are so many stories of women that are available and you can hear about sexual violence or a random attack by strangers as well as being abused in some way. The world is changing and becoming more unpredictable particularly for women. As such, self-defence training is one of the most needed and must for every woman's to-do list. In the crime world, self-defence training is suggested, so that the women can resist any kind of sexual assault as well as random attacks. Here are the reasons why self-defence is so important for women. 

Reasons for joining the self-defence Training Program

Still, now, women are not able to get equal rights in society. They are restricted to do their responsibilities. People should come out from these restrictions and limitations and motivate them by presenting gifts for women. The women are failed to protect themselves when they are facing any kind of sexual violence and random attack. The main reason for the failure is fear. The below mentioned are the reasons for joining the self-defence training program and usage of self-defence weapons. 

women self defence

  • The program will improve self-confidence in a woman.

  • The training program will keep you safe when you are away from your home

  • It will reduce the dependency on others

  • The training program will get you a healthy and fit lifestyle due to exercise and physical moves.

  • It can handle dangerous and emergency situations that are caused by strangers.

  • You will be physically educated in terms of self-defence and to reduce discrimination.

When to Join the Self-defence Program?

The world will cause violence not only for adult women but also for young girls and children. The girl can join the course when she enters into her 11 age. Before joining the course, she should have physical fitness and a disciplined mindset. In most cases, the height of the girl is playing an important role in the eligibility criteria of the self-defence training. The girl should be at least 36 inches tall to start and join in the self-defence training. But an adult can join and learn a self-defence program at any time if they are physically fit.

Tips and Tricks for Self-defence

The below-mentioned are the tips and tricks of self-defence.

  • The women should stay fit enough to run fast

  • The women should check when walking on the empty road to avoid grouping and chain-snatching from behind.

  • It is recommended to keep your purse front and walk on the roads by paying full attention around the road.

  • The woman should avoid high-heeled footwear when they are walking a long distance in unknown places.

  • Say out '€œSTOP'€ in a loud and aggressive voice, when they need help from other people.

tips and tricks for self defense

Offer a High Confidence Level

Self-defence is offering so many benefits to women, but particularly it is improving the confidence level in women. Many people think self-defence courses are providing physical benefits to women. But in fact, the course is training the mental health of the woman. For instance, if you are a college student, you will go to the classes with the fear of men harassing and bothering you. Generally, whenever the women are put in any hassle conditions, the fear will refuse them to fight against the men. So instead of being scared, you can find a comfortable life with the help of self-defence. The woman who can defend herself against a potential criminal will have a high level of self-confidence. The mother, a working woman, a student, and younger ladies can gain confidence from a self-defence course.

Safety through Self-defence

The most significant benefit that can be obtained from a self-defence course is the women can learn how to physically defend her. This is the main reason why women are learning the self-defence course. The training will provide tips and tricks to handle emergency and difficult situations. Whenever the women are facing any type of harassment, the course will provide necessary steps to fight against the situations. If someone tries to grab things from the woman who is attending the self-defence course, they will know and take the necessary techniques to save the things from her. You will never know what will happen in the future, so it is nothing wrong in finding the solutions for the unfortunate things that are going to happen in your life.

Should Motivate Them

The friends and family should motivate the woman when she is learning the course. You can present gifts for women who are able to fight against emergency situations and defend her. The women should be in an active state and ready to face any hassle and emergency situations. So join the self-defence course and defend yourself against any type of harassment.