Why This Baisakhi Is Special?

Baisakhi is a spring harvest festival usually celebrated every year April 13 and 14. This is one of the special occasions that are celebrated all over India by Hindus and Sikhs. It usually marks the Sikh New Year and an ancient festival of Hindus, which is nothing but the solar New Year. It is the day commemorating the formation of Khalsa Path of warriors under Guru Gobind Singh. 

On the festival day, Gurdwaras are decorated; the sikhs will visit and take bath in the holy lake or rivers before visiting local Gurdwaras. And for any Hindus, it is the day, where they will take their bath on the holy rivers like Ganges and Kaveri. After taking the bath, they will visit the nearby temple and meet their friends and family members. Let’s see about the significance of celebrating the festival Baisakhi. 

Significance of Celebrating the Festival

Though Baisakhi is celebrated mainly in North Indian states, it is also celebrated all over India. The occasion is holding the four significant reasons to celebrate, they are 

  • It marks the beginning of the New Year, where the people will harvest their crops. On this day, the farmers thank their gods for providing a good harvest and they will accept the same harvest next year. 
  • On April 13, 1699, Guru Gobind Singh who was the 10th Sikh guru had founded the Khalsa Panth and famously evoked nationalism and unity among the Sikhs people by conducting the meeting at Anandpur Sahib. 
  • And on the same day, he also believed to have converted his first batch of five disciples who are commonly called the Panj Piaras into Singhs. This conversion has been done by administering nectar to them and indicating them into the marital community. 
  • On this day in 1699, the people had marked the end of the long tradition of gurus in Sikhism and introduced the Guru Granth Sahib as the eternal guide for their community. 

These are the four main reasons why the Baisakhi is celebrated grandly all over India. 

Baisakhi Celebrations

Dance Battles

The most fun and interesting art of happy Baisakhi is the dance battles. Both the male and female can participate in the dance battles. Mostly the battles are covered under the traditional Punjabi Bhangra and Gidda dances. If the dance stage is decorated with brightly colored lights, it will add additional fun and joy to the participants. The dancers can dance steadily according to the fast-paced rhythm of dilapidated drums. Whenever you are dancing to these beats, you can immerse yourself in the joyous environment and enjoy the spirit of the festival completely. If you have more numbers of people in celebration, you can conduct the dance competition also.
Baisakhi Dance Battle

Baisakhi Gifts

You can celebrate the Baisakhi by presenting gifts and sweets to your friends, family members and colleagues. As you know, gifts are an irreplaceable and mandatory part of every occasion, you can get the Baisakhi gifts from online shopping sites. Many online shopping sites are having these high quality sweets and gifts, so you have to find out the best shopping portals and avail the gifts at reduced rates. 

Whenever you are presenting the gifts, they are meant to strengthen your bonds and show your appreciation to your loved ones. So you need not worry when you are far away from your loved ones, you can send the Baisakhi gifts online. The sweets along with dry fruits and personalized gifts can be given out to your friends and family in decorated boxes to keep the spirit of the festival alive.Sharing Gifts on Baisakhi

Fabulous Fairs

Baisakhi is the community festival where the society is also taking part in the crew and spreading harmony and love among the people. The Baisakhi fairs are the highlight of the celebration every year. The traditional gatherings are having fun games and crafts, which acts as a kick start for your talents. So you should not feel shy to participate in these gatherings and enjoy the occasion as much as possible.

Fabulous Fair on Baisakhi

Langar and Karah Prasad

As you know, India is the land of festivals, and it is famous for spices and sweet prasad. In the Baisakhi, the people are preparing the Langar and Karah prasad. And the people will arrange food stalls, where the prepared foods are handed out to people from all walks of life. These Langar are done in the name of piety and considered as the good deed of the Baisakhi. 

If you think doing these things will be cost-effective, you can get help from your friends, family members, and neighbors. This is one of the good things that you have done on the Baisakhi. 

Time to avail the Baisakhi Gifts

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