Women: Symbol of Love and Strength

International women’s day celebrated every year on March 08 is a day to recognize the contribution of God’s supreme creation ‘women’ in making this world a beautiful space to live in. Though a single day is not enough to celebrate womanhood but at least for one day people can thank them for all their efforts, show them respect and make them feel loved. First International Women’s Day was observed on February 28,1909. The day was started as a political event but soon everyone understood the deeper implications of dedicating a special day to women. Every year the day is celebrated with an exclusive theme associated with it to address issues pertaining to women development across the globe. This year’s theme being gender equality brings to light a precarious problem of brassiness prevailing in the society not only in India but also in many other countries.

A century old saying, “ behind every man’s success is a woman,” is not an overrated statement at all. She does have a role in the success of every individual. Her strength and her succour bring positivity in the atmosphere. She plays various roles throughout her lifetime like that of a mother, daughter, sister or a wife. The biggest blessing bestowed upon women by God is the gift of giving birth to her offspring. She is the one who carry generations forward.

It’s high time now to realize and recognize all sacrifices and efforts a woman make. She deserves a peaceful life with all comforts, as no one knows what stress she handles every day without even complaining. For every nation to grow, it is necessary to work towards empowerment of women. By educating a woman, you not only educate an individual but an entire family. She might look weaker physically in comparison to a man but mentally and emotionally she is way ahead of them. A woman do not react to a situation blinded by aggression, rather she is the one who will make her decisions after thinking rationally. So, accept it, this world will be incomplete without her.

MyFlowertree:    Wishing you Happy Women’s Day

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