5 Interesting Ways by which you can smartly play with the Cake Designs

The importance of cakes in any occasion is something which we all understand very well. We all buy and send cakes online or sometimes buy them offline, just to have the best designs, and the best flavors. We sometimes run out of ideas, and in order to help you in such situations, here is a mention of some of the interesting cake designs which can surely make the entire occasion special. Let us look at these interesting ways to play with the cake designs:

1. Personalize the Cake with a Photo

Photo cakes A personalized cake can instantly win the heart of the receiver, as it can be topped with a photograph of you and the receiver, a photograph which is close to your heart. You can also choose a picture of the receiver to make it special for him or her.

2. Top the Cake with a Heartfelt Caption

Heartfelt Caption Cake Apart from the design and frosting, a heartfelt caption for your loved ones coming directly from your heart is enough to make him or her feel special. You can choose any caption which is relatable and conveys your emotions in the best way possible, or you can go ahead and write a special message for the receiver. Both these will mean special for the receiver and will convey your heartfelt emotions effortlessly.

3. Order a Cake with Two Flavors

Half and half Cakes When you want to have best of both worlds! Half and half cake is perfect when you want to relish two different flavors in one cake. Buying two different cakes wouldn’t be as great as having a single cake with two different flavors. You can order half and half cake, and have your choice of flavors to make it all the more special.

4. Order a Cake to go with the Theme of Celebration

Themed cakes You can order a cake based on the theme of the celebration to add significantly to the party. Also, you can go with a themed cake based on the choices, likes, dislikes and hobbies of the receiver. For instance, you can choose a DSLR themed cake for a photographer, a jungle-book themed cake for a cartoon lover or simply a make-up cake for a makeup lover and so on.

5. Add Grandeur to the Celebration by Increasing the Tiers of the Cake

Tier Cakes A tiered cake can add grandeur to the celebration, and you can choose as many tiers as you wish when you want to make the occasion more special. Any of the above-mentioned cake designs can help you make the entire celebration special, but if you want to keep it simple, you can go for a black forest cake or a pineapple cake. Also, along with cakes, you can order some flowers to make the celebration more special for your loved ones.