5 Perfect Flowers for Wedding Decoration

5 Perfect Flowers for Wedding Decoration

A wedding is the coming together of two souls for eternity. It is the most important step in someone’s life; therefore, it has to be made beautiful with meaningful things. If you are getting married anytime soon and are confused about what flower you should choose to decorate your wedding venue with, read the following article and we are sure that you will find all the answers here. Make your wedding perfect with flowers!

1. Roses


Often used by the writers as a metaphor for love, emotions, friendship, beauty and passion; the rose is a flower that is loved by all. With its beautiful colours, it is one of the most famous favoured flowers used for wedding decorations. If you are a couple who loves the classic romance, different coloured Roses would be the best choice for your wedding decoration.

2. Gerberas


There is no denying that Gerberas have the power to evoke a childlike smile with just one touch. Its vibrant hues can complement the dark and the light colours equally. If you are planning to have a day wedding, Gerberas’ colours will make the venue look like a beautiful rainbow.  For the happy go lucky couples, Gerbera is the perfect flower.

3. Carnations


Carnations are simple and beautiful flowers that come in a staggering amount of colours. Their light powder tint blends with the environment very gently. These flowers are extremely strong which make them perfect to be modelled into various floral arrangements. Their ruffled look will give your wedding an old school charm. Those couples who believe that less is more should opt for Carnations.

4. Lily


Lily, the favourite flower of the Greeks has an eccentric touch to it. It is a flower that comes in a wide variety of shapes and colours, giving you ample to choose from. The most common Lilies, however, that are used in weddings are Calla Lilies and Asiatic Lilies. They make beautiful bouquets for the bride to hold. Any couple who likes their own cosy world should make Lily the star of their wedding.

5. Orchids


Orchids stand for love and beauty and thus, are preferred for nuptials. Orchids are royal and very fashionable and why not? They were Queen Victoria’s favourite after all! They come in the shades of pink, blue, purple and green which are every wedding decorator’s personal favourite. So, Orchids should decorate the wedding venue of the fashionista couples.

Flowers are beautiful from the inside out. With their presence, your wedding will look heavenly!

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