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Send Lily Flowers Online

Send Lily Flowers Online

Lilies symbolize humility and devotion. The Chinese belief that Lilies take their beauty from the Milky Way galaxy. These magical Flowers are perfect to mend the broken bond. Available in different colours, they are the perfect gifts for every kind of occasion. So, send a bunch to your loved ones.

Send Lily Flowers Online
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Sunshine Lilies

Rs. 1,245 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,245

Earliest Delivery: Today

Orange Garlands -14%

Orange Garlands

Rs. 2,895 Rs. 2,495 Ex Tax: Rs. 2,495

Earliest Delivery: Today

Exotic Asiatic

Rs. 1,945 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,945

Earliest Delivery: Today

7 Asiatic Lilies

Rs. 1,445 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,445

Earliest Delivery: Today

Breath of Fresh Lilies

Rs. 2,650 Ex Tax: Rs. 2,650

Earliest Delivery: Today

Buds of Positivity

Rs. 2,445 Ex Tax: Rs. 2,445

Earliest Delivery: Today

Dark Pink Lilies Vase

Rs. 2,045 Ex Tax: Rs. 2,045

Earliest Delivery: Today

Fantastic Lilies

Rs. 1,245 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,245

Earliest Delivery: Today

Holy Beauties

Rs. 2,295 Ex Tax: Rs. 2,295

Earliest Delivery: Today

Light Pink Lilies Vase

Rs. 3,795 Ex Tax: Rs. 3,795

Earliest Delivery: Today

Natural Beauty

Rs. 2,095 Ex Tax: Rs. 2,095

Earliest Delivery: Today

Pink Lilies

Rs. 945 Ex Tax: Rs. 945

Earliest Delivery: Today

Pink Lily Posy

Rs. 1,345 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,345

Earliest Delivery: Today

Pink Lily Vase

Rs. 2,045 Ex Tax: Rs. 2,045

Earliest Delivery: Today

Romance of Lilies

Rs. 1,299 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,299

Earliest Delivery: Today

Royal Lilies

Rs. 1,845 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,845

Earliest Delivery: Today

Shining Lilies

Rs. 1,095 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,095

Earliest Delivery: Today

Star Lilies

Rs. 1,095 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,095

Earliest Delivery: Today

White Lily Love

Rs. 1,295 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,295

Earliest Delivery: Today

Yellow and Pink Lilies

Rs. 2,195 Ex Tax: Rs. 2,195

Earliest Delivery: Today

Why send Lilies Online?

Brightening up someone’s day, expressing your gratitude to an individual or simply showering your love, the gift of flowers is your expression in full bloom! Flowers, all bright and fragrant, can instantly enliven a dull affair and let’s be honest here; a bouquet of flowers is one of the most beautiful sights to behold.

When it comes to gifting flowers, lilies are one of the most popular options. Holding an exuberant charm, lilies are a favorite with numerous people all over the world. Lilies hold special significance among flowers in several cultures around the globe and there are as many reasons behind gifting them.

A lily bouquet will help you express your emotions when words fail, and if it is available with fixed time delivery, then nothing like it.

Send lily flowers to your loved ones

Gift Name Assortment Type Delivery Price
Pink Lilies 5 Asiatic Pink Lilies Same Day Rs. 945
Star Lilies 3 Oriental Lilies Same Day Rs. 1095
Sunshine Lilies 6 Yellow Asiatic Lilies Same Day Rs. 1245
Royal Lilies 10 Pink and Yellow Asiatic Lilies Same Day Rs. 1845
Buds of Positivity 6 Pink Oriental Lilies + Dracaena and Arica Palm leaves Same Day Rs. 2445

An elegant gift

Be it a party or any casual affair, the luxurious arrangement of lilies in a bouquet make for a breathtaking sight. They help you express that the person receiving them is very dear to you and you wish them well.

From being used as a name for girls to being used in perfumery and décor, the popularity of lilies is widespread. Lily bulbs are even believed to contain medicinal properties and were initially boiled in tea and consumed as a remedy for fevers and stomach disorders.

Available in many bright colors with a distinctively sweet smell, lilies are one of the best gifts you could give to someone. Some of the many reasons behind the gifting of lilies are –

Tradition – A popular Greek theory state the emergence of lilies from the milk of Hera. It is owing this belief that lilies are associated to rebirth and motherhood among the Greek masses. The Chinese associate lilies with 100 years of love and good luck and use them essentially during weddings. The white calla lilies signifying faith, innocence and purity have deep rooted cultural significances.

Boost morale – Lilies signify confidence and hence make for an apt gift for those who are in dire need of some encouragement or cheering up. They help you deliver love, care and good wishes to people even when you are not beside them.

Availability – Lilies are one of the most commonly available flowers and hence can also be arranged for at a short notice. A bouquet of soft, white or brightly colored lilies can save your day, when you cannot think of any better gift option. With online florists available, getting a bunch of calla lily online is not an issue.

Treat to the senses – Lilies are not only a visual treat but also come with exotic fragrance. You get them in all colors from serene white, soft pink, fiery orange to happy yellow. With lilies you always have enough options to choose from.

Know your lilies

Lilies are available in wide varieties and each one of these holds a special meaning. So to help you understand what they convey and thus choose better, here is a list of some popular lily types and their meaning that they hold –

White Lily – The white lily flower is linked to virtue and chastity. They are believed to symbolize the purity of Virgin Mary.

Pink lily – This represents abundance and prosperity.

Calla lily – The Christian community holds calla lily as a symbol for the resurrection of Jesus. Also known as arum lily, they are said to represent majesty and honor.

Tiger lily –So named because of their fiery, bright orange color, the tiger lily flower represents wealth, pride and creative expression.

Oriental lily – A popular congratulatory gift, this particular type is associated with virtues like innocence, beauty and integrity; ideal for a birthday bouquet.

Asiatic lily – This is said to symbolize the onset of good, happy times and marriage, and makes for a very thoughtful gifting option in the form of a bouquet of flowers for wedding anniversary.

Peruvian lily – Also known as Alstroemeria, they are symbolic of friendship and devotion.