7 Emotions You Can Express With Orchids

Orchids are mystical blossoms that seem to be an upgraded version of all other flowers. They are elegant and almost unreal in their perfection. Even though orchids are one of the largest flowering plant families, every orchid species has a unique look. In a tropical country such as India, it is not nearly possible to have orchid plants growing in regular homes. Hence, orchids fall under exotic flowers and can be specially ordered from various offline and online flower and gift shops.

Symbolic and Imposing Nature of Orchids

Ever wondered what makes an orchid stand out in such contrast among the other flowers? In ancient Greece, orchids were associated with virility. In fact, Greek women believed that if the father of their unborn child ate large, new orchid tubers, their unborn child will turn out to be a boy. If the mother ate small orchid tubers, she would give birth to a girl.

Send Orchid Flowers

Emotions you can express with Orchids

Were you about to send someone a bunch of orchids? Now, think twice, as every color of orchids available nowadays could mean something entirely different than the message you were hoping to convey through your floral gift… Let’s check what different emotions and meanings are signified by the colors of different orchids.

1. White Orchids

White Orchids like other flowers symbolize purity. The gift of white orchids will mean you consider the person worthy for your trust and respect. White orchids also stand for beauty, innocence, and elegance. It will be sort of like an honor, a high form of reverence, you will be bestowing upon the receiver, when you send him or her white orchids.

2. Red Orchids

Like red roses, Red orchids will convey the emotion of passion and desire. Red orchids may also signify strength and courage. There is something about gorgeous red flowers that never fail to catch our attention and we catch our breath out of nowhere. Be it red roses or red orchids. It’s the color of blood, of indomitable desire, it’s meant to convey passionate emotions that aim directly towards the heart.

3. Pink Orchids

Pink orchids represent grace, joy, happiness, and innocence. Very often pink orchids are presented to convey pure affection, love, and courtship. It is usually a 14th and 28th-anniversary gift for couples. The gift of pink orchids is a perfect gift for someone you are developing an affection for, as pink (considered a very feminine color) is also the color of young love.

4. Purple Orchids

Purple orchids symbolize admiration, respect, dignity, and royalty. It is usually gifted to someone who holds a special place in one’s life and is looked up to. Purple as a color combines the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red. Historically, purple has represented royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition and in darker hues suggests magic and mystery.

5. Blue Orchids

The symbolism of blue orchids goes all the way back to ancient Greece. Blue orchids are rare and hence they are associated with rarity and depth and stability. It was a blue flower (German form: Blaue Blume) was the central symbol of inspiration for the Romantic Movement and it remains an enduring motif in Western Art, even today. When you gift someone blue orchids, it will mean you either consider the person rare, or they are worthy of special treatment.

6. Yellow Orchids

Being bright as the sun, yellow orchids signify friendship and new beginnings. The gift of bright yellow orchids is usually made to a special friend. A yellow orchid may also be used to convey optimism, wishing good luck or as a welcoming gesture, as yellow also means clarity, positivity, freshness, enlightenment, remembrance, intellect, honor and loyalty.

7. Green Orchids

Green orchids are thought to bring good fortune and blessings. They represent good health, nature, and longevity. It is a rare breed, so as a gift they may be given to a person who you consider rare and unique. You can also gift green orchids to your friends at farewells, or when they are beginning new ventures.

Now if you’ve found your perfect orchid, you are now enabled to make use of online gift shops that will send your flowers online to your special someone, providing a multitude of delivery options in top city locations such as Gurgaon, Noida in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Kolkata among major Indian cities.

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