Add Joy to Raksha Bandhan with These Delightful Treats

Rakhi symbolizes the love and affection shared by a brother and a sister. On this day, the siblings forget all their differences and celebrate their bond by tying the knot of eternal love and protection. The day is observed as the sister prepares a Thali which has Rakhi, Tilak, Diya and sweets in it.

Rakhi with Thali

The ceremony begins with the application of kumkum/vermilion by the sister on her brother’s forehead. This is followed by the application of akshat over the kumkum. After this, Arti is performed in honor of her brother while the sister prays for her brother’s long and healthy life. Then, the sister ties Rakhi on her Bhaiya and Bhabhi’s wrist with a belief that they will always protect her support her. As a part of the ceremony, the brother offers gifts to her sister while they sweeten each other’s mouth. Sweets play a major role on this auspicious day and also add up to the sweetness in the bond shared by the brother and the sister.

As sweets hold great importance on this day, here are some delightful treats that will help the siblings make this day sweeter and merrier.

A Box Full of Cupcakes

If sweets are your sibling’s weakness, then you are in luck as a box of cupcakes will be the perfect gift for your Rakhi partner. With a wide range of flavors like- chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, butter scotch, black forest, you can never get out of options.

  • A Box of Chocolates

Girls love chocolates and we all know that! So why not treat your little sister with a box full of chocolates like Ferrero Rocher, Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk, Temptations, Bournville, Mars, 5 Star, Kit-Kat, etc. These tempting bites will surely lure your adorable little sister.

  • A Piece of her Favorite Cake

Cakes are the ultimate way to make any day turn into a festival and a festival as great as Raksha Bandhan surely calls for a cake-cutting ceremony. While there are a lot of flavors to choose from, we would advise you to get the one that she prefers, after-all this day is about pampering your sweet little sister.

We hope that these delightful treats will add up to the joy level of Raksha Bandhan this year and you will create a lot of memories over these sugary delights that you will cherish all lifelong.

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