How to read his message through the flowers

It is a known fact that women love to receive flowers as gifts. It does not matter whether they come from a friend or a lover or anyone else, we rejoice at their mere sight of them. But, there is something that we must understand. The purpose of the flowers is more than to serve as a gift. There is a hidden meaning in the flowers that he has especially chosen for you. Here is what these flowers means.

1. Gerberas


Since Gerberas are known to have a cheerful disposition, when he gifts you a bunch of these sunny beauties, it is a great thing. It means that he considers you a source for his positivity. For him, you are someone who makes him smile or maybe even blush! You are his source of happiness. You have the power to make someone smile. So, do not let him miss your smiling beams. He lives on them.

2. Rose


Receiving Roses are every girl’s dream, especially the Red ones. Well, don’t worry if the colour has not turned to that much needed crimson yet because it soon will as Roses, no matter in what colour or size they may come, they spell love in the purest way. You are a lucky lady if he gifts Roses to you. If he is shy, help him to open up. After all, he gave you the ROSES.

3. Lilies


The Greeks consider Lily as an important part of their mythology. They believe that when the drops from the Milky Way fell on the Earth, they transformed into lilies. Lilies stand for renewal, re-birth, cleansing, remembrance, passion, promise, purity, hope and faith. When you receive the lilies as a gift, it could mean that the person is either trying to mend the broken bonds or to restart something that was left halfway.

4. Orchids


Orchids have an exotic charm encircling their beauty. The Victorians were obsessed with these unique looking flowers so much that they would put these up on every grand celebration. Since then, they have been considered as a sign of royalty. If you receive these flowers from him, irrespective of the colour, it means that he holds you in a very high prestige. For him, you are nothing less than a queen.

5. Carnations


Carnations are eccentrically, the most beautiful flowers. They have a very sweet meaning attached to them which will make you dance with happiness. Carnations mean that for him, you are distinct as Carnations stand for distinction. He thinks that you are really special.

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