Ways a Sister can Make Raksha Bandhan Special for Her Brother

The day of Rakhi is a joyous occasion for a brother and his sister. Through tender love and affection, the two back and bind each other, forming a beautiful bond of sibling love.

This joyous bond of the two is made special with a Rakhi thread. Beautiful and auspicious, this thread is gifted to a brother by his beloved sister, who ties it on his wrist, thanking him for always being at her side and supporting her.

Rakhi Gift Hampers

Reciprocating this love, the brother showers her with a vast array of gifts and presents. An exchange of gifts and mouthwatering treat ensues as an atmosphere of joy and delight fills the air.

Making the Occasion of Rakhi Special for Him

It could be a Rakhi gift hamper, a grooming kit for men, or it could be a uniquely designed kundan Rakhi, the choices are almost limitless. But whatever you choose to gift, you can be sure that it will always be special to him, because it came from you – his beloved sister.

Here are some of the ways by which you can make the day of Rakhi truly delightful for him –

1. Rakhi Gift Hampers

Gift baskets consisting of all those special things that your brother loves is always special. It could be a Toblerone chocolate bar combined with a bouquet of flowers, or a beautiful green house plant with a basket of healthy food, the combinational possibilities are near endless.

Whatever his tastes are, you can be sure that no brother can be less than delighted to receive them.

2. Collages of Photos –

Photographs bearing the image of those specialmoments in time are always wonderful to look at.

Whether you present a photoframe with images of those special moments you shared, or present him with a collage of photos imprinted on a cake, it is guaranteed to be a joy to him.

Get a collage of photos and experience the joy on your brother’s face.

3. Movie Tickets –

Spending time with your brother is always special. What better way to spend your time with him than by watching a movie on the big screen with him.

Sit back, relax, and munch on a red velvet cake, as you watch that special movie with him.

After all, nothing delights your brother more than the presence of you company.

4. Treats and Desserts –

From a gorgeous silver plated thali filled with Kaju Barfi, to a butterscotch flavored cake, a treat to delight his palate is always special.

Get the best treats and dessert for your brother on this day and fill him with delight.

5. Gadgets –

Being a techy, nothing will delight him more than getting the latest high tech electronic gadgets.

From smartphones, to laptops, a gadget will be guaranteed to make your brother happy.

5. Cards-

A beautiful intricately designed card inlaid with the most heartfelt message is the best way to express your thoughts. What better way to express your emotions than by a Rakhi card with a beautiful message on it!

6. Grooming Kit –

Improving one’s physical appearance is a thing that everybody yearns to do. Whether it is a pair of scissors, or a perfume from an international renowned brand, like Gucci, Versace and Armani, a grooming kit for your brother is always special.


It is not the gifts, but the thoughts and wishes that make the celebration of Raksha Bandhan special.

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