Buy Perfumes For Him Online

Buy Perfumes For Him Online

Sometimes all it takes to start off romance is the right scent! We have a lovely collection of perfume gift sets for men, because our intent is to make shopping for perfumes an easy and convenient affair. Browse, Select and Order ' and let us take it from there!

Perfumes for Men

Perfumes are products that have charmed humans for ages and still remain as one of the choicest luxuries among people. From serving as objects for pleasing Gods to fashioning as the top choices of popular celebrities, perfumes are constituted in the very fabric of human lifestyle.

Perfumes for men and women do make for a great gifting option nowadays, however, the history of perfumes is not just about humans' infatuation for scents; it spans over a lot of important aspects that led to the overall development of civilization, for instance trade roots, business and commerce.

The Ancient History of Perfumes

Perfumes are supposedly one of the oldest luxuries known to the mankind. The records of the same have been found in one of the oldest possible literary sources, the Cuneiform script dating back to 2nd millennium B.C. The script also belongs to the oldest civilization of human history, i.e. Mesopotamia.

Ancient Egypt

The ancient Egyptians not only used perfumes in beautification and ceremonial affairs, they but had special beliefs associated with them. The people of Egypt strongly believed that perfumes or fragrances were originally the sweat of Sun god, Ra. They even had a deity of perfumery known as Nefertum, who had a head-dress made out of water lilies, which were one of the prime ingredients in perfume-making.

Perfumes were common objects with the royals and high-class people in the Egyptian society. The perfumes made in the ancient times were mostly oil based. Myrrh and aromatic wood were heavily imported from Punt in Africa for perfume-making in Egypt.

Ancient Persia

The ancient Persians too are known for refining and further developing the art of perfumery. It is believed that Avicenna, a Persian chemist would extract flower oils through the process of distillation. The fact that perfumes played a major role in the social life of the people can be clearly understood from the depiction of perfume bottles in the paintings of legendary Persian rulers.

Ancient Rome

The Ancient Romans not only contributed greatly to perfumery but also made detailed documentations of the same. The Naturalis Historia, a book by Roman author and naturalist, Pliny the Elder contains descriptions of ingredients and methods used in perfume making then. The Greco-Roman perfumes were largely used in public baths and beauty products. This might be the most archaic and conclusive beginning which sowed the seed of the present-day perfumes and perfumes gift sets for her and him.

Interesting Facts About Perfumes

  1. Evidences of usage of perfumes in India dates back to the Indus Valley civilization. Charaka Samhita and Sushruta Samhita, ancient Ayurvedic texts contain the earliest mentions of Ittar.
  2. Islamic cultures made significant assistances in the development of perfumes through the invention of new techniques of perfume extraction and discovery of a varied range of new ingredients.
  3. The knowledge and art of perfumery reached Europe towards 14th century under Arabian influences.
  4. A perfume made by blending scented oils in an alcohol solution, was prepared in 1370 c. at the command of Queen Elizabeth of Hungary and became famous in Europe as Hungary Water.
  5. It was due to the efforts of Rene the Florentine, the personal perfumer of Catherine de Medici that France became the center of perfume making in Europe.
  6. The modern day eau de cologne was invented by an Italian barber, Giovanni Paolo Feminis who called it Aqua Admirabilis.
  7. All public places had to be perfumed at the time of Queen Elizabeth I as she couldn't bear with any bad odor.
  8. An excavation around 2004-5 led to the discovery of the world's oldest surviving perfumes in Cyprus. It was discovered in an ancient factory that was about 4,000 years old.
  9. Believing that bad air could make people sick, the Europeans in Middle Ages would go around carrying pomanders, which were small bags of scented material kept in an open case to ward of foul smell.
  10. Perfumery in Ancient China was not a subject revolving around body odor, but was focused towards purity and disinfection. Aromatic materials and incenses were more in fashion there, used for cleansing spaces.

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Buy Perfumes For Him Online

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