Which type of Flower are you?

When god created both humans and flowers, it is natural for them to be related to each other; to have similar qualities!

Humans and Flowers are both beautiful and have unique qualities. Read what type of Flower are you.

1. Cheerful like Gerberas


If you are the one who starts a laughter riot wherever you go, then you are just like Gerberas. Gerberas are one of the happiest and most cheerful flowers. Their bright colour combinations and a smiley look are just a representation of a happy-go-lucky person.

2. Wanderer like Orchids


The one with the travel log and a backpack laying around the corner at all times is the wanderer kind. We are sure that you have a long bucket list full of places that you want to visit. The orchids are just as wild and untamed as you are. They grow in exotic places and would instantly inspire you to draw your next itinerary.

3. Romantic like Roses


Do you read novels and writes poetry that inspires others?. You give the world an insight into the emotional side of humans. The only flower that can do justice to your nature has to be the Rose.

4. The unconventional Lilies


If you are someone who likes to do everything in a unique way and have no qualms about going against the conventions, you are a thunderstorm! Just like you, Lilies are also one of a kind. Their beauty is unique.

5. Dreamer like Jasmine


Whether it is about reaching the top of the career ladder or climbing the highest peak. No matter if the dreams are idealistic or realistic; if you are someone who is always lost in the dreamy land, then you are as strong as Jasmines.

6. An Adventurer like Tulips


Tulips are the adventurer kind and if you are the same, you two should get together right now. Since you are always up for an adventure and ready to undertake a journey of any kind, you will really appreciate the beauty of Tulips.

7. Kind- Hearted like Carnations


Since you respect your elders, plays with the little ones and help everyone around, we will call you the kind-hearted one. You are the best of everything with a sweet smile. We will say that you are just as beautiful as Carnations.

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