7 ways to make your Mum feel special on this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and we have 7 ideas how you can make it amazing 1. Surprise Her with Cakes 1 Cakes are an essential part of every celebration. Wherever there is a celebration, there is a cake. Birthdays, anniversaries, New Years, Christmas, weddings and many more occasions feel incomplete without cakes. Mother's day is one of the happiest days. We get to felicitate our mothers for bringing us into this world and putting up with us. It would be unfair to not cut a Cake on Mother's Day. With flavours like butterscotch, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, pineapple, fruit and truffle, you can make your mother happy. Not only this, MFT has a special range of Cakes for Mother's Day that includes personalised delicacies. Now you can get the name and some memorable memories printed on the cake to make this Mother's Day extra special. 2. Greet Her with Flowers 2 There are so many similarities between mothers and flowers. They both are fresh and fragrant and touch our lives with their qualities. They fill colours of happiness in every day. They both are delicate and sturdy. There is something magical in them. On this Mother's Day, Send Flowers to Mother and make her feel loved. It is a special gift that she is going to cherish forever. Flowers are never just flowers; they mean much more. Red, yellow, pink, white, purple, yellow green; every colour stands for a different meaning. The choice in flowers too is very large. You have different options like Roses, Gerberas, carnations, Orchids, Lilies and many more. So, Send Flowers for Mother's day now 3. Some Special Gifts for Her 3 Your mother has given you everything; birth, a good upbringing and an unshakable support. If she gave you everything, it is fair enough to give her everything too. So, don't just stop on Cakes and Flowers, give your Mother something else too. Check out MyFlowerTree's collection of Online Gifts for Mothers and we are sure that your gift queries are going to be sorted. From Mother's Day Mugs and Cushions to cosmetics and chocolates, MFT has all the things that your Mother is going to love. You can be her favourite child! 4. Make her Breakfast in Bed 4 A mother never lets her children be hungry. No matter how busy or tired she is, she will always get up to feed her children. She takes no break. She works nonstop and find happiness when her children are fed. We can never repay for what she has been doing for us for all these years but a nice little breakfast in bed would be a really great idea to cheer her up on her special day. Make whatever you know and add lots of love in it. Barge into her room with her favourite breakfast items and make the happiest mother on the earth. 5. Spend an entire Day with Her 5 In this world that is always running, we often fall short and miss spending quality time with the loved ones. The person who suffers the most in this is always our mother. They are happy to see us grow and progress so they never complain. But as her children, we also need to understand that time is the one thing that never comes back. All a mother wants from her children is love and some time. So, on this Mother's day, spend an entire day with her. Do the things that you both love or simply revisit the old and gold fairytales. It will be a beautiful thing to on this mother's day. 6. Take her out on a date 6 How many of us actually plan a night out or a shopping spree with our mothers? Although she is the first person who got us clothes and taught us to dance, by the time we grow up, we make all our plans without her. Our friends become so important for us that we forget to see how she feels about. On this Mother's day, take your mother out on a date. Take her to her favourite restaurant, a movie or maybe on a picnic. Indulge in some shopping and desserts with her. End your day over a cup of coffee and gossips. 7. Some cosmetics would be nice 7 Women love cosmetics and our mothers are no different. Cosmetic is always appreciated by women, especially when they are received as presents. Nail paints, eye shadows, eye liners, kajals, mascaras, lipsticks, foundations, creams; you name it and they love it all. So, wish your mother on this Mother's Day with some cosmetics.