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Buy Anniversary Gifts Online

Buy Anniversary Gifts Online

It is a wonderful occasion when a couple gets to celebrate a year of their togetherness. To celebrate such an emotional event, a beautiful gift is a must along with thoughtful wishes. Make a happy couple feel blessed with our Anniversary special Gifts. Make their journey look beautiful with Gifts.

Buy Anniversary Gifts Online
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Red Love

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Earliest Delivery: Tomorrow

Pink Love

Rs. 599 Ex Tax: Rs. 599

Earliest Delivery: Tomorrow

Pink Kiss

Rs. 795 Ex Tax: Rs. 795

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Love of Roses -17%

Love of Roses

Rs. 599 Rs. 499 Ex Tax: Rs. 499

Earliest Delivery: Tomorrow

Purple Admiration -7%

Purple Admiration

Rs. 645 Rs. 599 Ex Tax: Rs. 599

Earliest Delivery: Tomorrow

Lovely Roses Bouquet

Rs. 645 Ex Tax: Rs. 645

Earliest Delivery: Tomorrow

Yes Its You

Rs. 1,095 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,095

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Fruitful Love

Rs. 1,845 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,845

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Royal Blue

Rs. 895 Ex Tax: Rs. 895

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The Perfect Couple

Rs. 1,995 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,995

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Exotic Asiatic

Rs. 1,945 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,945

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Heart Of Gold

Rs. 945 Ex Tax: Rs. 945

Earliest Delivery: 24-10-2017

Pink Beauty Bouquet

Rs. 495 Ex Tax: Rs. 495

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All Fade Away

Rs. 495 Ex Tax: Rs. 495

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Truffle and Roses

Rs. 1,345 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,345

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Bunch of Love

Rs. 2,995 Ex Tax: Rs. 2,995

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Cake and Roses -15%

Cake and Roses

Rs. 1,295 Rs. 1,099 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,099

Earliest Delivery: Tomorrow

Beauty in Red

Rs. 2,645 Ex Tax: Rs. 2,645

Earliest Delivery: Tomorrow

Silk and Pink -15%

Silk and Pink

Rs. 945 Rs. 799 Ex Tax: Rs. 799

Earliest Delivery: Tomorrow

Love Duel

Rs. 695 Ex Tax: Rs. 695

Earliest Delivery: Tomorrow

Find the perfect anniversary gifts

Celebrate the special day by marking it with the perfect gifts. Browse through our expansive collection of gifts, flowers, and cakes for some great gifting ideas, and have them sent right to your doorstep on your anniversary. Find the most apt anniversary gifts for your friends, parents, or loved ones, right here!

Marriage Anniversary Gifting Ideas to Keep the Love Alive

Beneath all the parties and the celebrations, anniversaries are primarily all about the love and time shared by two people. Anniversaries offer people the chance to look at their time together in a positive light, and celebrating each milestone helps them come closer. Whether it is about anniversary gift ideas for him or her, choosing the right gift makes a lot of difference. There is of course no dearth of options, but when you’re choosing for your better half, you need to put in a lot of thought.

Gift Ideas for your Better Half

There are a number of lists that name the traditional items to be gifted, depending on the number of years people have spent together. With the traditional gifts, people have also come up with modern counterparts; but it is believed that the ritual of gifting specific gifts on each anniversary originated in the Middle Ages. The idea behind this was to gift things that were believed to bring luck, based on the years spent together. While a lot of people stopped practicing this ritual, it still serves as a great source to take some inspiration from. Here are some of the traditional gift ideas for your wedding anniversary, depending on the year:

• 5th wedding anniversary: Wood

Carved show pieces, handmade plaques, buying furniture together, etc. are all good ideas.

• 10th wedding anniversary: Tin/Aluminum

Bake something for each other and gift it covered in foil. This one has a number of ways for you to play around with different ideas.

• 25th wedding anniversary gift ideas: Silver

Jewellery or other silver ornaments are a no-brainer in this context!

The Best Options for Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Gift Name Description Delivery Price
Heart of Gold Epitomize your love with this beautiful 6 in. gold rose 3 day delivery Rs. 945
Enchanted Roses 12 pink roses tied together with a beautiful Pink Raffia Knot Same Day Rs. 595
Old World Charm Surprise your man with this gift set containing an Old Spice after shave and 4 homemade chocolates 3 day delivery Rs. 445
Love Roulette A box of 24 pcs of delicious homemade chocolates 3 day delivery Rs. 1,250
Benign Couple A pair of a pink and a blue teddy bears for the couple 3 day delivery Rs. 1,595

Why the gifts?

A wedding anniversary gift can be whatever you want it to be. Giving someone a timeless gift is a great way of showing them how you cherish their presence in your life. These gifts can be used to promote unity and togetherness and can later invoke the nostalgic memories of the years that have gone by. Anything that fits the scope of interest of the recipient, or something that can be used by both as a mean of preserving the memories can make for an amazing anniversary gift.

Many Cakes to Choose From

As tradition has always dictated, something sweet is always a great way to commemorate the happy moments. The same goes for anniversaries. A celebration would somehow just seem incomplete if there was no cake around! And what is it that perfectly accompanies the gift of a cake? Flowers, of course! From roses and orchids to cheesecakes and chocolate cakes, you’ll find everything that you love; all you need to do is browse MyFlowerTree’s vast collection of cakes and flowers to supplement that perfect anniversary gift.

Shop Hassle-Free at MyFlowerTree

A beautiful gift doesn’t always have to be for just your better half. Sometimes we need some good anniversary gift ideas for parents or for friends as well. No matter whose anniversary it is, MyFlowerTree makes shopping for gifts as easy as possible. From the perfect anniversary cake to flowers and accessories, our online gift shop has everything you need for the perfect anniversary gift.

Multiple Delivery Options for your Convenience

Along with the many options you get here for buying a gift, MyFlowerTree also has a number of delivery options for you to choose from. You can opt for a same day flower delivery or you can ask for midnight delivery to leave your loved one surprised! With delivery available all over India and to a number of countries in the world, we make shopping and gifting easy and delightful. No matter where you are, with MyFlowerTree, you can make sure that your love and good thoughts reach the one you want to gift.