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16th Birthday Cakes & Gifts Online Delivery

16th Birthday Cakes & Gifts Online Delivery

Whether it is the sweet 16 or the smart 16, every girl and boy will look like a million dollar baby on their 16th Birthday. It is a milestone as it marks the entry of a kid into the world of the grown-ups. Make it special for someone by sending the best gifts and cakes to them.

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Pink Love

Rs. 599 Ex Tax: Rs. 599

Earliest Delivery: Today

All Fade Away

Rs. 495 Ex Tax: Rs. 495

Earliest Delivery: Today

Black Forest Cake -7%

Black Forest Cake

Rs. 699 Rs. 649 Ex Tax: Rs. 649

Earliest Delivery: Today

Blue Teddy Birthday Cushion

Rs. 395 Ex Tax: Rs. 395

Earliest Delivery: 28-09-2017

Coffee With Mug

Rs. 595 Ex Tax: Rs. 595

Earliest Delivery: 28-09-2017

Cricket Theme Cake

Rs. 3,899 Ex Tax: Rs. 3,899

Earliest Delivery: 28-09-2017

Designer Hand Bag Cake

Rs. 3,395 Ex Tax: Rs. 3,395

Earliest Delivery: Tomorrow

Kitkat Gems Cake

Rs. 1,899 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,899

Earliest Delivery: Tomorrow

Oreo Cake

Rs. 1,095 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,095

Earliest Delivery: Tomorrow

Oreo Crunch Cake

Rs. 1,099 Ex Tax: Rs. 1,099

Earliest Delivery: Tomorrow

Rainbow Gems Cake

Rs. 2,195 Ex Tax: Rs. 2,195

Earliest Delivery: Tomorrow

Smartphone Theme Cake

Rs. 3,450 Ex Tax: Rs. 3,450

Earliest Delivery: 28-09-2017

Starwberry and Vanilla Designer Cake

Rs. 2,495 Ex Tax: Rs. 2,495

Earliest Delivery: Tomorrow

The most special 16th Birthday Gifts Online

16th Birthdays are the most amazing and special ones. They are a declaration that the kid is now all grown up. They are not just teenagers anymore but young adults. It is one of the most celebrated birthdays. And, why not? You don’t turn 16 everyday! 16 years old are not little kids anymore. They are capable of taking their decisions and live by them. Welcome them to the group of grown-ups with some special surprises

When it comes to 16th year gift ideas, we have them in abundance for your grown-up. Cakes, Flowers, Mugs, Cushions, perfumes, Chocolates and so many other special surprises are here. Find out the best match for your 16 years old right here, at MyFlowerTree.

Sweet 16th Birthday Cakes Online

16 years olds are really picky when it comes choosing things for themselves. They always want nothing but the best, especially when it comes to their Birthday party. From their outfits to their parties, everything has to be perfect. We can help you with sorting their perfect Birthday Cake for sure. Give them the best surprise by choosing one of the best flavours from our collection that includes the likes of Sweet Sixteen Cake, Personalise Image Cake, An Evening in Paris Cake, Board Exam Cake, Starbucks Cake, ferrari car cake, Audi Cake Cake, Cake Theme with various Board games, WWF Cake and Much More.

Give them the best 16TH Birthday Cake

Birthday Gifts for 16 years old Boy

Your 16 years old is not just your son anymore, he is your best friend now. He deserves everything amazing on his Birthday just like his unique personality. We have some special 16th birthday gift ideas for your best friend. You can start by sending a special theme Cake to him. Make Batman, Minion, Spiderman, Cricket, football, Camera and his other favourites come alive with theme Cakes

You can also order special personal grooming products for him.

Birthday Gift for 16 Years Old Girl

16 is the most special age for girls. It is the time when they discover themselves. We know that your little girl is still your princess and that is why we have the best 16th birthday gift ideas for daughter. With various Bouquets, Bunches and other arrangements made with beautiful Flowers.

If you want a special Cake for her we suggest that you get her a designer Cake. You can make her favorites like Barbie, Minion, Wonder Woman, Tennis, Purses, Shoes and more come alive by ordering a designer Cake for her.

16th Birthday Gift Ideas

You can give a perfect surprise to a 16 years old by capturing their best moments and getting them printed on stylish Mugs and Cushions. Get them the personalized Mugs and Cushions and become their favorite.