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About Friendship Day

Friendship Day is a special day to celebrate the beautiful relation as well as the emotion of friendship. A friendship is a bond between two people that they share throughout their life. It is an emotion that only gives happiness. A true friend is always going to be with you in your ups and downs. Moreover, if you are feeling down, he/ she is also going to feel down and do everything to make you happy. Furthermore, if you are happy, then he/ she is also going to join you to celebrate your happy moment.

You can find many movies, plays, and books where you can find the remembrance of friendship. You can easily get to know how important a friendship is through them. Moreover, you can easily realize what a true friendship is. Apart from that, you can even find the value of friendship in Purana and in the tales of Ramayana and Mahabharat.

Friendship Day is celebrated all over the world. Furthermore, various countries have various dates for the celebration of Friendship Day. Many countries including Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, etc follow the date of the USA, thus the date of Friendship Day falls on the first Sunday of the month of August. In Nepal, it is celebrated on July 30 each year. In Oberlin, Ohio, Friendship Day is celebrated on April 09 each year. Furthermore, in Argentina, Brasil, Spain, and Uruguay, it is celebrated on July 20. Thus, this special day of friendship is celebrated by the whole world and they spend valuable time with their friends.

On this day, people around the world meet their friends and hang out together. Furthermore, they celebrate this day by cutting a Friendship Day cake and by ordering food. They even go for lunch or dinner or clubbing together to catch up with each other. It is the best way to meet all those friends from whom you get less time to meet due to work. Not just that, if you don’t want to go outside, then you can also celebrate this day by partying at your or your friend’s home and calling everyone over there. Furthermore, they acknowledge each other with exchanges of gifts and cards on this day. Also, friendship bands are very popular on Friendship Day in countries like India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and parts of South America.

History Of Friendship Day

In the 1920s, Friendship Day was first promoted by the greeting card National Association. But soon after, it met with various consumer resistance as they thought that it was a commercial method to promote greeting cards. After that, again in 1930, Friendship Day was introduced by Joyce Hall, the founder of Hallmark cards. It was intended to be celebrated on August o2 and a holiday. In the 1940s, the number of Friendship Day cards available in the U.S. had decreased and the celebration died out there. There was no evidence for its uptake in Europe however it was adopted and had been kept alive in several countries of Asia.

The idea of a World Friendship Day was first proposed on July 20, 1958, by Dr. Ramon Artemio Bracho during a dinner with friends in Puerto Penasco, Paraguay. After that, the World Friendship Crusade was born which is a foundation that promotes friendship and fellowship among all human beings, regardless of race, color, or religion. Furthermore, they proposed to celebrate World Friendship Day on July 30. Since then, Friendship Day has been faithfully celebrated in Paraguay every year on this day and has also been adopted by several other countries.

The World Friendship Crusade had requested the United Nations for many years to recognize July 30 as World Friendship Day. Finally, on April 27, 2011, the General Assembly of the United Nations declared July 30 as the official International Friendship Day. The UN invited all Member States to observe the International Friendship Day in accordance with their culture and customs through education and public awareness-raising activities.