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About Promise Day

Promise Day is the fifth day of valentine’s week and celebrated every year on February 11. Although, every day of valentine’s week has its own significance. But among them, Promise Day is the most meaningful and significant day. On this day, lovers make promises to each other. They promise to keep each other happy. They promise to be with each other on all ups and downs. They promise to always love each other. They promise to be honest with each other. Likewise, they make lots of promises to each other on Promise Day. Moreover, keeping these promises is the basis to make your relationship flourish with love and romance.

Why Do We Celebrate Promise Day?

Promise Day gives an opportunity to couples to make their relationship stronger with each other through promises. This day is perfect to make your partner know that you are always with her/ him in every moment of life. Whether it is a happy moment or a bad one, you can promise your partner to always be with her/ him. We all know that a relationship works on trust and it can only be built through promises and through your actions to keep all those promises intact. So, this is the perfect day when you can promise your partner to always love her/ him, to always trust each other, to support each other, and to care for each other. Furthermore, you can also give a lovely gift to your partner and make promises with each other.