Personalised Roses Arrangement in Luxury Box
Personalised Roses Arrangement in Luxury Box
Product Id: 14272

Introducing the epitome of elegance and romance - Red Roses in a Box! This luxurious creation beautifully combines the timeless allure of red roses with our exquisite MFT White Box and Personalised touch. With their velvety petals, these stunning roses are guaranteed to captivate hearts and make your special moments even more memorable. Indulge in pure sophistication as you embrace the undeniable beauty of these handpicked blooms, carefully presented in an exclusive box designed to impress. Elevate any occasion with confidence, knowing that our Red Roses in a Box will effortlessly convey your deepest emotions and leave a lasting impression

Product Contains:
- 56 Roses (Red & Pink) with Personalised Photo and Long Rectangular White Box
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