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Rose is the first step towards love, and thankfully you are blessed with a day when you can officially give roses to someone you love or has a crush on and express your true feelings. Yes, Rose Day is celebrated on the 7th of February every year, and it kickstarts the Valentine week or the love week.t is commemorated with great zeal and ardour by the ones deeply in love. The various colours of a rose convey a different meaning altogether. So, as Valentine week is around the corner, start it off by picking a single rose or an exquisitely designed rose bouquet from us and sending them to your significant other on Rose Day.

Roses are the best and most preferred floral beauty of all time when it comes to expressing your emotions profoundly. Every single rose conveys a different meaning and hence, can help you in expressing your innermost feelings to the person you love effortlessly.  So, this Valentine's Day as you sail on the voyage of love-seeking, make it memorable by starting off with giving a rose to your beloved on Rose Day.

MyFlowerTree offers you with the best roses for Rose Day that are sure to make your moments mushy and romantic on this Rose Day.

Colour Meanings and Significance: The Secret Language Of Roses

Come along as we journey through the fascinating language of flowers! Heres a list to give you an idea on the significance of each of the colours of roses.

Red Roses: An expression of love since time immemorial. So, if you are planning to send this classic choice to your significant other on Valentine's Day, we wish you luck because red roses mean “Love”.

Yellow Roses: You all know yellow roses are the best way to start a friendship with someone you like or connect to. And, since friendship is the first stage of love, giving a bunch of yellow roses would be the best way to express your likeness towards someone you want to be with.  Other than friendship, yellow roses mean freedom, cheerfulness, good health, and joy.

Pink Roses: Looking for a gift as graceful as her? If so, send the gift of grace and elegance this Rose Day when you send a beautiful bouquet of fresh pink roses to her.

Orange Roses: They signify passion and energy. So, add some passion and enthusiasm to your bond with your sweetheart on this Rose Day as you send him or her a bunch of captivating orange roses online from us.

Peach Roses:  If you are thankful to someone for being there in your life but have never expressed your gratitude towards him or her, Rose Day is the right time to do that and how. Of course, with a bouquet of eye-soothing peach roses.

White Roses: Associated with purity and innocence, white roses are the best way to begin a new relationship with someone you love as they also symbolize loyalty and everlasting love.

Red and White Roses: When you mix red and white roses to form one gorgeous flower bouquet, it conveys an entirely different but lovely message. It means a union of two souls are quite different from each other yet perfect together.

Mixed Roses: When you mix all shades of roses and form a bouquet of mixed roses, it means your love is unique just like the roses of each colour.

Say I Love You With Splendid Flowers On Valentines Day 2022 From MyFlowerTree

Please your love this Valentines Day with fresh and fragrant roses from MyFlowerTree and brighten the very first day of the Valentine week even more! It's difficult to find roses in unique colours when you are looking for a pocket-friendly Valentine Rose day gift online. Red, Pink and White colours are easily available. Though Peach and Blue roses are very rare and are hard to find at any online portal. MyFlowerTree is one of the most preferred online gifting portals delivering fresh Valentine Roses online anywhere in India and abroad with Free Shipping across India and over the globe.

Exhibit Your Love With Rose Day Gifts Online At MyFlowerTree

No wonder Valentine's week celebrations are the most awaited time of the year for all the lovebirds worldwide. Rose day on 7th February kick starts the beautiful week of love and romance. Starting from the soul captivating arrangements of Roses, cakes and different types of Rose day special gifts, we have it all readily available for you. We have alluring Rose day flowers like Rainbow Roses, The Perfect Couple, Yes Its You, Heart Of Gold, Fruitful Love, Magical Pink, Sunshine 60, Love of 40 Roses, Roses n Ferrero Rocher, Art of Heart, Roses in a tray, Special 100 Roses in Basket, Roses in heaven, Joyful Surprise, 100 Pink Roses, 60 Rose Bites, Moon of Rose, Seven Wonders, Heart of Roses, Yellow Friendship, Assorted Roses, Single Rose Stem, Medley of Love, Red Wonder, Pink Beautiful Basket, 50 Roses, Lucky in Love, Big Red Heart, Layers of Love, Awesome 100 Roses, Love of 69 Roses, Pink Craze, Big Love, Be My Princess, Power of 50, Special Forty, Queen of Roses, Heart of Valentine, and lots more!

Additionally, to make your Rose day more romantic and vibrant, we offer excellent discounts on our Rose Day special gifts. Now, it's time to bring a smile of pure happiness on your loved one's face with our exceptionally romantic midnight cake delivery service where you can send Valentine Rose Day Gifts to your loved one's doorstep at the middle of night, and make her/him fall in your love again in a new way.

The Myth Behind Rose Day

Do you know about the famous myth associated with Rose Day? According to Greek mythology, the red rose is the favourite flower of the Goddess Venus, who is the goddess of love.  So, if you want to seek the blessings of Goddess Venus, make sure to express your heart out with a bunch of beautiful red roses from us. Let yourself indulge in a love affair, find your true love, and express your true feelings for him or her. Buy a bouquet of beautiful roses from our online flower shop and let it convey your love and care to your lover.

Send Beautiful Roses Online on Rose Day-MyFlowerTree

On a romantic day like Rose Day which is dedicated to celebrating love, being hundreds of miles away from your lover can make you feel lonely and sad. But, even if you couldn't manage to fly down to the place where your love resides, you can definitely send her Valentine roses online from our website. Remember, it's always the thought that counts. This Rose Day, other than just wishing her on a video call, send a Rose Day gift to her doorstep or workstation along with a lovely message and make her feel your presence.

We have a wide variety of beautiful roses for Rose Day along with other unique Rose Day gifts like delicious heart-shaped chocolates, golden metallic rose in a box, lip-smacking cakes, unique personalised gifts and much more. All these Rose Day gifts can be sent online to anywhere in India; in more than 500 cities through our express delivery services.

If you live abroad, you can still send a gift for Rose Day to India for your beloved with us. Whether you stay in the USA, UK, Australia, Sweden, Germany, South Africa, Qatar etc, you can still send roses for Rose Day for the love of your life living in India.

Enjoy Same Day Rose Delivery on Rose Day-Send Now!

Going out to find a bunch of fresh roses on Rose Day in a crowded floral shop can be tiring and time taking for you. And, if your sweetheart lives thousands of miles away from you, giving roses to him or her on Rose Day personally is not feasible. But, MyFlowerTree is one such place where you don't only get a wide variety of roses and rose flower arrangements but also same-day delivery service. Yes, suppose you live in Mumbai and want to send roses online for your girlfriend, residing in Delhi on Rose Day. Then, all you have to do is place your order online from the comfort of your home and leave the rest on us. We will deliver your roses to the doorstep of your lover on the same day as per your desired time slot.

Leave Her Mesmerized on Rose Day with Midnight Rose Delivery 

Everyone surprises their partners on Rose Day but, when the surprise comes at midnight it becomes even more special. It touches the heart instantly. It conveys a message that you couldn't wait for more, to tell your partner how much he or she means to you. We, at MyFlowerTree, provide you with the option of midnight rose delivery online on Rose Day via which you can have breathtaking roses delivered to the doorstep of your partner at midnight.  To have a bouquet of roses delivered at midnight, all you have to do is place your order by 8 pm on our website.

The Hidden Meaning Behind the Number of Roses in Your Bouquet

Number of RosesMeaning
Single RoseLove at first sight
Two RosesDeeply in love with each other
Three RosesI love you
Six RosesI want to be yours
Seven RosesI am infatuated by you
10 RosesYou are perfection
50 RosesUnconditional love
100 RosesI am totally devoted to you

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Rose Delivery by MyFlowerTree Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What’s the best Rose Day gift available at MyFlowerTree?

Ans: The best Rose Day gift that we recommend to our customers is a single rose in our signature box. Yes, we have them in all beautiful colours enclosed in our luxury signature box that has a message printed on it which says; a symbol of pure love.

2. Why should I rely on MyFlowerTree to send Rose Day Flowers?

Ans: We, at MyFlowerTree, swear by the idea of making occasions special with our wide variety of gorgeous flowers, delicious cakes, and unique gifts. We believe there is a more valuable and innovative way to express love where people don’t have to say a word but only feel the emotions. And, here are few solid reasons on why you should rely on us to send Rose Day flowers online to India:

  • Over 50,000 cut fresh roses are used to make gorgeous bouquets at MyFlowerTree on Rose Day. We have roses available in every colour and in every type of floral arrangement.
  • You can send roses and other thoughtful gifts online on Rose Day for your partner to anywhere in India from the comfort of your home and have it delivered on the same day.
  • You can have the best online gifting experience with us. You can avail same day and midnight rose delivery on Rose Day with us followed by a free shipping benefit.

3. What types of floral arrangements are available other than just bouquets?

Ans: When it comes to something extra-ordinary, you can always take time to browse through our premium collection of rose flower arrangements on our website which ranges from jute-wrapped arrangements to basket arrangements, letter arrangements to box bouquets, and many other stunning floral arrangements.

4. Can I customize my rose bouquet?

Ans: Yes, you can customize your rose bouquet with us. At the bottom of our website, you can find a link to customize your bouquet. All you have to do is click on that option and then, you can choose the flower, quantity, colour, and bouquet type as per your desire and preference.

5. Can I send other gifts along with a rose on Rose Day?

Ans: Yes, you can send not just one but a combo of other beautiful gifts along with a bouquet of Roses. We provide you with a wide range of Rose Day gifts like cushions, mugs, photo frames, table Tops, personalised lamps, chocolates, cakes, and much more.

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