Send 5 Star Cakes Online

Send 5 Star Cakes Online

The mere thought of a cake making us long for it even more. Just imagine what impact it will make on them when you send it to your loved one on their special day. Opt for MyFlowerTree to get your cake with time bound delivery.

5 Star Cakes: A treat for your sweet tooth

There can never be enough occasions to treat your loved ones to the deliciousness of cakes. So, we bring to you a collection of exclusive and premium 5 star cakes that can turn any day into a celebration. These are not simply cakes but are an experience to be relished and savored till the last bite of the last slice!

These scrumptious desserts are procured from the finest bakeries around and delivered right at your doorstep for the chosen fixed time delivery. These unique cakes are capable of adding happiness to any occasion, be it a moment of grand celebration or a small get together. Order these premium cakes and enjoy the occasion to its best.

Visit MyFlowerTree, choose your favorite premium cake online and the preferred time of delivery, and let us deliver a box full of sweet, savory goodness to your loved one's doorstep!

Order special designer cakes online

Our range of 5 star cakes is made by individuals who specialize in making designer cakes and combine flavours to make cakes that are unique from the ones that we generally find around in cake shops. These cakes are special in all aspects, from the taste right down to the presentation, and are therefore in great demand as more and more people go for such cakes to make celebrations special.

Cake NameWeight AvailableDelivery time
5 Star Vanilla Cake1 KgNext Day Delivery
5 Star Chocolate Mud Cake1 Kg2 Days Delivery
Chocochip Fudge Cake1 KgNext Day Delivery
5 Star BlueBerry Cheese Cake1 KgNext Day Delivery
5 Star Strawberry Cheesecake1 KgNext Day Delivery

Impressive 5 star cakes online

At MyFlowerTree, we offer a selection of fancy cakes which will surely delight and cheer the receiver. Our five star cakes online are great for corporate parties and larger occasions. Impressive and innovative, take the case of our 5 star pineapple cake that is finely dressed and topped with fresh and exotic cherries, along with fresh cream, which will refresh your taste buds.

Then there's the chocolate cake 5 star cake has a thick layer of chocolate with delicate icing and toppings of chocolate wafers and chocolate spirals as well as hearts of chocolate '€" that's a lot of chocolate, perfect for kids! There are iterations to it as well; the beautiful Chocolate heart shaped cake is ideal when you wish to convey the three magical words, I Love You to your special one, be it for birthday or your anniversary. Also, the Choco-chip 5 star cake is really sumptuous, giving you a readymade excuse to indulge at any time with its delectable blend of tropical Choco-chips and creamy chocolate in the topping.

The black forest 5 star cake, on the other hand, is sure to impress the elders while delighting everyone else. So, don't think, simply choose and send a birthday cake for those who are close to your heart, or buy anniversary cakes to impress your better half.

Send 5 star cakes with express delivery

We offer impeccable 5 star cake delivery service that delivers in over 408 locations across India. We ensure that every five star cake reaches in a truly five star condition and the freshest form to your very doorstep. Think of it this way, if you thought cakes were indulgence, then 5 star cakes are bliss!

Many special occasions and moments of celebrations are centered on cakes as they are popular as gift items too. What makes these 5 star cakes a cut above the usual is the use of the finest of ingredients, and availability of cakes in various shapes, flavors and designs. Buy 5 star cakes for online delivery with a simple click of the mouse, and have it delivered at the doorstep for grand surprise!!

Order cake online in Chennai and many other locations, anytime and anywhere with MyFlowerTree, and let the celebrations begin!

Send 5 Star Cakes Online

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