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About Brothers Day

Brothers Day or National Brothers Day is celebrated on May 24. Having an annoying but dependable brother is a blessing and this day is perfect to make your brother realize how much you love and care for him. A bond between you and your brother formed from birth but it grows stronger with time. You love him, fight with him, sometimes even hate him but there are times when he is the most dependable person to keep secrets or when you need help. So, Brothers Day is the perfect time when you can celebrate the special bonding that you share with your brother. Even if you don’t have a biological brother, you can still celebrate with a brother-like figure such as cousins, brothers-in-law, and best friends.

Why Do We Celebrate Brothers Day?

There are ample reasons to celebrate Brothers Day and make your brother realize that you love as well as care for him.

  • Your brother may not say it openly but he really loves you and care for you. Although he always nags you and teases you every time he gets a chance. But in secret, he always looks after you. You can say that he genuinely and unconditional care for you.
  • Whenever you find yourself in a tight spot, brothers are always there to help you. When you feel down, they are the ones who lift you up. We all know life is not always a smooth ride but your brother is always there with you to help clear those rides. Thus, your brother is always there as your strength to lift you up and to support you.
  • When the whole world judges you for your every action, brother is the one who never judges you. Nevertheless, he is the one who accepts you the way you are and your every action.
  • Brother is also your partner in every crime. Whether you are stealing chocolates or ice cream from the fridge or you are bunking from study or you are going somewhere without informing your parents, you can find numerous things where your brother helps you. In all these mischievous activities, your brother is there with you to support you in your mischief ideas.
  • Having a brother means you are always going to have an entertaining day. Every day, you tease each other, fight with each other over a piece of Pizza or TV remote, watch a movie or series together, eat together while stealing food from each other’s plate, and play together. Brother teases you, fights with you but at the same time, he cares for you a lot.
  • When you are urging to tell a secret to someone or you want to keep something secret, you can always depend on your brother. Whether it is your low grade in the class test or you have a crush on someone or you have a boyfriend/ girlfriend or anything, you can find no one trustable enough other than your brother. Although, he is surely gonna tease you for those secrets. But, he is sure to keep all your secrets safe. 
  • Sometimes, a brother becomes your idol and you want to be like him. When you have a dependable elder brother who loves you, advises you, and supports you, then you can definitely face any challenge without any worry. He becomes your strength to tackle those difficult challenges and to give you confidence.

These are enough reasons to celebrate Brothers Day and brotherly bond. You can express your love to your little brother and gratitude to your elder brother. Furthermore, you can even give him some gifts to make this day cherishable.