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About Hug Day

A hug is the most beautiful way of showing your feelings and affection. Thus a whole day is dedicated to this beautiful gesture of showing love. Hug Day is celebrated every year on the sixth day of valentine’s week. On this special day, people hug their partners, family members, and friends to convey their feelings to them. Whether it is a feeling of love or care or gratitude, they show it through a hug. A tight hug to the partner shows that you love her/ him deeply and care for her. A hug to a family member shows that you can care for them and are always with them for guidance as well as support. A hug to a friend shows that you value your friendship and you are always supporting your friend.

Why Do We Celebrate Hug Day?

Giving a hug is a way of showing affection and care. Hug Day is the perfect occasion when you can convey your feelings to your loved ones through a hug. Whether your loved ones are happy or they are sad, a tight hug can surely make them feel comfortable. A hug at a happy moment shows that you are also happy for them. Furthermore, a hug at a sad moment shows that you want to comfort them and make them feel that you are with them. Apart from a tight hug, there are different types of hugs that are used to convey different types of feelings and affections.

Different Types Of Hugs & Their Meanings:

Bear Hug: The Bear Hug is a tight hug that shares between people who love each other. If you give a bear hug to someone, then it means you have deep feelings for that person. It is usually shared by lovers or parents and children.

Polite Hug or Side Hug: It is usually shared with acquaintances and colleagues. It's given sideways in which only the upper body makes contact.

Buddy Hug: A buddy hug is like a side hug with your arms over each other's shoulders or on the waist. It signifies comfort and trust that transcends romance. It is usually shared between lovers as well as two close friends.

Intimate Hug: An intimate hug is when you are giving a full-body tight hug to your partner with eye contact. This type of hug shows that you really have special feelings for your partner.

Back Hug: It is another form of an intimate hug. A Back Hug is a sign of love, trust, and protection. If you are giving this hug to someone, then it means you are willing to protect that person.