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About Kiss Day

Kiss Day is one of the special days that come in valentine’s week. It is celebrated one day prior to Valentines Day. Kissing is one of the most romantic ways to express your love and affection. On Kiss Day, lovers around the world kiss their partners to strengthen their bond and to increase their love. Moreover, through a kiss, you can make your partner realize how passionately you love and care for your partner. Furthermore, you can also know about different types of kisses and what they mean.

Kiss on the Cheek: It indicates intimacy, endearment, and affection. A delicate brush against your partner’s cheek and a slight suck can arouse a great sensation of love.

Forehead Kiss: It shows affection, admiration, trust, and comfort. A forehead kiss is the most adorable way to show your affection to your partner.

Kiss on the Hand: It is a gesture of admiration and respect. If you kiss on your partner’s hand, then it means you respect as well as care for her/ him.

Eskimo Kiss: It is a form of greeting by rubbing each other’s noses. It is also called Kunik and indicates friendliness as well as affection. You can see it between parents and children, between close friends, and between family members.

French Kiss: It is the most intimate kiss which shows passionate love. One can mistake it for thinking that it originated in French. But, it is a mistake. It originally originated in America and Great Britain.

Earlobe Kiss: A kiss on the earlobes can show how deeply and passionately you love your partner.

Nose Kiss: It is a cute way of expressing your love and affection to your partner. Through a gentle kiss on your partner’s nose. You can make her/ him feel loved.

Shoulder Kiss: It is a pure form of affection through which you can directly connect with your partner’s heart.

Why Do We Celebrate Kiss Day?

Kiss Day is one of the most passionate days when you can show your partner how much you love her/ him. You can convey your love and affection to your partner through a kiss. Whether it is a deep french kiss or a gentle forehead kiss or a caring kiss on the hand, you can surely make your love grow with a kiss. Furthermore, you can also give your partner a lovely gift with a kiss and make Kiss Day special for her/ him.