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When is Dussehra?

Dussehra, also known as Vijayadashami, is one of the major festivals in India. It is celebrated at the end of Navaratri and also it is the last day of Durga puja. It is observed on the tenth day of the Ashvin month of the Hindu Luni-Solar Calendar. As per the Gregorian calendar, it falls on the months of September and October. Dussehra signifies the victory of good over evil. So, it is the perfect festival to end all the negativity around you.

Upcoming 5 Years Date & Day of Dussehra

Find below the dates and days of Dussehra or Vijayadashami for the upcoming 05 years.

202115 OctoberFriday
202205 OctoberWednesday
202324 OctoberTuesday
202412 OctoberSaturday
202502 OctoberThursday