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When is Fathers Day?

Fathers Day is celebrated on various dates across the globe. Just like Mothers Day, Fathers Day is celebrated to honor fathers. Moreover, different regions have their own traditions of honoring fatherhood. In countries like India, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Bangladesh, Canada, France, Sri Lanka, United States, etc, it is celebrated on the third Sunday in June. In countries like Italy, Portugal, Spain, etc, it is celebrated on March 19. In Lithuania and Switzerland, it is celebrated on the first Sunday in June. Whereas, in Austria and Belgium, it is celebrated on the second Sunday in June. Furthermore, countries like Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea celebrate Fathers Day on the first Sunday of September. Likewise, there are many countries that have different dates for celebrating Fathers Day.

Dates & Days of Fathers Day for Upcoming 5 Years

If you are planning to celebrate Fathers Day, then you can check the dates and days of Fathers Day for the upcoming 5 years from below.

202120 JuneSunday
202219 JuneSunday
202318 JuneSunday
202416 JuneSunday
202515 JuneSunday