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When is Parents Day?

Parents Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of the month of July. We celebrate this day to appreciate our parents for their selfless commitment and lifelong sacrifice for nurturing us. However, The United Nations proclaimed June 1 as the Global Day of Parents. Furthermore, in some countries, this day is celebrated on different dates. Like, in South Korea, Parents Day is celebrated on May 08. Moreover, in the Philippines, Parents Day is celebrated on the first Monday of December month.

Parents Day Dates of Upcoming 5 Years

Check the table below to know about the dates and days of Parents Day for the upcoming 5 years. You can note down these dates and express your gratitude to your parents on this special day.

202125 JulySunday
202224 JulySunday
202323 JulySunday
202428 JulySunday
202527 JulySunday