Buy Favorite Cake Online Delivery

Buy Favorite Cake Online Delivery

You obviously need a cake for your celebration, so here is an easy collection that is full of all your favorites, from pineapple cakes and fruit cakes, to Oreo cheesecakes and photo cakes. Sending a cake to a loved one is all about showing them how much you care and how you are always with them.

How Cakes Came to Be

The word cake is one with a rather long history. It is considered to be of Viking origin, sprouting from the Old Norse word kaka. Mostly, places like Europe and North America (with a strong European influence) have been considered as the centers of cake. After all, no other language has a word that means exactly the same as the cake. While this is true, it was actually Ancient Egypt that showed the first skills in baking, when they started making a number of types of breads, in which some were also sweetened by honey. A lot of us love the Oreo chocolate cheesecake, but did you know that the original version of the cheesecake was developed by the Greeks? An earlier version of the fruit cake however, was made by the Romans, with fruits, raisins, and nuts.

From Then to Now

Today, we always use baking powder as a leavening agent, and come up with a number of flavors like the rainbow cake, white forest cake, vanilla cake, or the Oreo cake. The cake has truly evolved a lot since its origin. The Ancient Greeks used flour that was mixed with eggs and milk and then added nuts and honey to it to make cake. At that time, the Greeks used beer as a leavening agent and even made cheesecake with goat's milk. Sometimes in Ancient Rome, some dough for basic bread was taken and was enriched with honey, eggs, and butter, which produced a sweet dish.

Earlier, cakes in England were pretty much breads. The most obvious of the differences between them were the facts that a cake was mostly flat and round and while cooking the cake was supposed to be turned over once, and the bread just left upright throughout.

The Typical Ingredients

While the ingredients of a cake are pretty simple and straightforward, baking a cake actually requires a fair amount of precision and care, if you want a good result. Earlier, cake was a pretty basic form of its today's version, made with merely flour, eggs, and milk, sweetened with a little honey. Today it is just so much easier to send a chocolate cake online for all occasions.

The Importance of Cakes Today

There is hardly any denial to the fact that any major celebration is rather incomplete without a cake. Whether you order just a simple, yet delicious pineapple cake or go for the more lavish tiramisu cake or coffee caramel cake, a cake just has to be there.

Cakes at Birthday Parties

Blowing out the candles and then cutting a cake while all your friends and family wish you a happy birthday is a tradition that we can't even remember the origin off, but something that has been an irreplaceable part of any birthday party since times untold. At a kid's birthday party, a beautiful cake in a lovely design is a definite must have.

Cakes at Weddings

Originally the cutting of the cake was a very symbolic task. It still is of course, but it has undergone some changes that most people have even forgotten. First of all, the cake is known as the bride's cake and needs to reflect the bride, which is why these cakes originally used to be white, to signify purity. It was cut by the bride and distributed among the guests as it was believed to be a custom to ensure fertility. As weddings began to grow, and the guests increased, the task was shared by the groom as well.

Then, as the cake too had to become bigger, and more layers added, the cake became difficult to cut for the bride, so the groom began assisting her there as well. This tradition slowly evolved into the practice of the bride and groom sharing a piece of cake before distributing it to the guests to symbolize their promise to forever provide for each other and their promise of togetherness.

Other Occasions

While cakes began becoming a part of our celebrations with weddings and then birthdays, nowadays, all occasions are well supplemented by some delicious cakes. Whether you're celebrating Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, a promotion, a baby, a new job, or anything for that matter, a cake is something that one always expects at a party.

MyFlowerTree: Keeping the Tradition Alive

We've already established that a cake is an important part of any celebration; let's now talk about ordering the perfect mango cake or a decadent butterscotch cake or some other gourmet flavors for your party. MyFlowerTree has an amazing range of some of your all-time favorite cakes! Browse the well-designed range of cakes, and find easy deliveries for your favorite flavors. You can also choose midnight gift delivery or fixed time delivery as per your preference, and we'll promptly take care of that as well.

Buy Favorite Cake Online Delivery

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