I Love You Romantic Songs
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Why Order Guitarist for Video Call to Say I Love You:
The moment of confessing your feelings in front of your lover is exceptional in itself. By ordering guitarist on a video call, you can always make the same moment more musical, full of love, and out of the world. Yes, music has all the powers of turning a special moment into magical memories. With MyFlowerTree, you have the same chance to give a musical touch to your feelings by hiring our Guitarist for your Proposal.

Once the order is placed with MyFlowerTree:

  • Our Guitarist will contact You to Note down the list of songs
  • He will Arrange a Video Conference Call with You and Recipient.
  • Once Connected, he will play the songs personally on Guitar during Video Call

Please Note:
  • Our Guitarist will only play 3 Songs during the Video Conference.
  • He will Sing the song till the first para Only.
  • Our Guitarist would Only know the Popular Songs.
  • He will play the songs for 10 to 15 minutes Only.

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