12 Colorful Gerberas in Yellow Paper packing, Yellow Bow with 2 Cadbury's DairyMilk Silk (60 gms each)
Flowers Chocolate Bouquet
Mood Elevator
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The Happy and Cheerful Gerberas can make every eye sparkle while Chocolates are known to lift the mood. This Gift Hamper that has a floral arrangement of 12 Colourful Gerberas, wrapped in Yellow paper and sealed with an Yellow Bow and 2 Cadbury's DairyMilk Silk is a true mood elevator. Make someone's day by sending it to them.

Product Contains:
- 12 Colorful Gerberas
- Yellow Paper packing
- Yellow Bow
- 2 Cadbury's DairyMilk Silk (60 gms each)

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